Listen To The Cry Of A Girl Child!


There is a time frame that lies typically in mythological era or say mythological history, whatever gets you convinced to believe the depicted incidents. This was the time when Gods were worshipped and Goddesses were worshipped even more. The moment Gods seemed to have changed their habitat, people became too ordinary to admire the deeply respectable things and their vision became limited to what the eyes could barely see. Eyes see the power of men, respect it! Eyes see the too much modesty and humbleness of women, crush it! There…

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Hey Boss, Not the same Gift again this Diwali

Diwali Gifts

  We say NO to chocolates, sweets, nuts, dry fruits, pens and key chains as our gifts this Diwali. As yours truly beloved and valued employees .we wish you gift us something different this Diwali.Those giftlooking at which.our loyalties towards you should strengthen like Fevikwik.Quick and strong and forever..   How about this tealight holder My family can lit Diyas in them and every time we take a look at the sacred diyas spreading the light through these, we can boast of our company to our better halves.   Forget…

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