7 Ideas To Crazily Customise Your Bike

bike lovers

Biking is healthy to some and a passion for others. The fitness buzzer has made many comfortable riding a bike more often. Your childhood has paddled a lot, like a free spirit. Then what happened that you stopped? May be you wanted to try out something new, something even better. Motorised vehicles are no longer the only option to try something new, classy, sassy, jazzy and blah blah.. How to make your bike at par your dreams? How to customise your bike with new cool looks? Crazy about handmade? Prefer…

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Most Effortlessly Impressive Fashion Influencer


He is adorable, calm and understanding. He is fashion freak, social, some 11.6k social?! But hey, he is a darling and obedient too. Ya right. Being obedient brought him to the limelight and its just not stopping. You’ve been following fashion trends, latest check out and styles here and there. Ever thought to chase a dog for some styling tips? Well you can, for a change. Because this dog is no ordinary and will pose every trending wearable and fashion clothing right in front of the camera. It’s a dog,…

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Amavas Se Amaltas | Theatre Calling

Amavas Se Amaltas, a story of conversation around children in difficult circumstances, is an Hinglish play that you can catch this evening. Directed by Smita Bharti, creative Director, playwright, theatre and multi-media practitioner, its a story of voluntarily retired judge, Shikha (Jayati Bhatia), after diagnosis of Cervical cancer. Living with her daughter Sonali (Ankita Bhargava), a successful corporate lawyer and her autistic son, Jai (Ssumier Pasricha). Things take a hilarious and dramatic turn, when 16-year-old Khushi (Chitrashi Rawat), a sex worker and survivor of human trafficking lands up at their doorstep stumbling…

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3 Android Apps That Will Redefine Your Mobile


Hey guys, a smart phone is not as smart without smart apps on it. Check out few, tried by me and recommended by me. Choose your app & be smarter! MOBDRO Mobdro app, I would say, is a very cool Live TV App, unlike other live tv apps this app lets you watch all the tv shows and channels for free and you can watch channels across globe, be it Delhi, Russia or even Iraq. This app is very cleanly categorised in terms of channels, news, shows, movies, sports, music,…

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