Top 5 Dishes to Try During Your Dubai Visit

dubai food

When it is about food then Dubai is no less exotic to imagine. It is one of those countries who are known for their rich delicacies. Dubai has restaurants who serve virtually every national cuisine from around the world, but here you need to hang for a minute refresh your thoughts from your home cuisine, cause when you are in Dubai dare not to forget trying many specializing in Dubai’s own Arabic delights and just not the dish, Dubai is an amazing destination to explore beauty with feast. They have…

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After Effects of Addition in Travel Ban Imposed by American Govt. in H1B Visa.

H1B Visa

“You can not stop a traveller from exploring. No cap can restrict them they will find one way or the other when it comes to travel. Therefore the changes in H-1B visa might not affect that category of travel industry. People who want to explore can always switch the place for a sorted vacations but people who want to visit United States for any specific purpose will surely have to go through a headache.” Yash Sharma, CEO of Quick Forex a foreign exchange firm which has also been the travel partner…

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Are You Still Trying To Fit In The Sports Zone?

Sports validated

My childhood was an era for cricket. I remember during those days I thought that sports means only cricket and I called other sports as ‘games’. Not long back the International Sports Day left us leaving proud for our sports persons and the sportsmanship they display. At the same time, we’re living with this irony of struggling and fetching some recognition for the sport we have passion for. There is slight difference between game and a sport. A sport is played under set rules and regulations. There is a governing body…

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How To Get Your First Book Published

My First Book ChaaiCoffee

When you feel entertained after watching a movie, thoughtful after a play or thrilled when you finish reading a book, there’s always one person who feels happiest with the applaud. It might have taken his nights for that applaud. He might have lived his dining table moments or bathroom moments working for it. Every step while writing the story for that movie or play or the book, will contribute to that appreciation surely. We met an amazing person, a young writer, telling his journey of being able to author the…

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Best Place To Socialise For Children @Plowns

disabled children

A joy of sharing comes through Facebook and Instagram while posting and sharing the selfies. Small achievements, initiatives and efforts are of course good to flaunt among the friends. Same kind of joy is spread through @Plowns. Plowns, a unique initiative gives a platform to children who thrive constantly to learn and be playful. How To Make Best Of Your Childhood With Plowns Plowns, is designed to give a digitised platform to children, where they can upload their creativity. It’s not about art, drawing, sketching, poetry. Its about everything and…

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Eid Brings Sweetness, Taste It With Love


It’s one of the sweetest occasion when you spread love and oneness is experienced for an entire month. Eid ul-Fitr “festival of breaking of the fast” leaves us happy and surrounded by our loved ones finally till the last day of Ramzan.  This Islamic holy month of fasting demonstrates worldwide and love prevails. It’s the time when relatives and friends get together and enjoy scrumptious feast. Sweets and desserts make for an important part of the feast and often take centre stage on this auspicious day. On this occasion, FunFoods…

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How Much You Need To Do To Be GST Ready?


Rollout of GST is knocking at the door but surprisingly many are still waiting for some miracle to happen. Preparing for the compliance is one task that requires planning streamlined. When those exempted to enrol for GST, having turnover below 20Lac, take it as a relief. The well designed tax structure binds them to enrol as otherwise the businesses you deal with, will have to bear your tax burden. All in all, when it’s finally happening it’s better to prepare yourself. Big or small, early the better. Steps to be…

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Can Healing Decide Your Next Birth?


“Healing is the first step of curing.” A constantly working machine has to be serviced time and again. Living our lives constantly struggling and expecting the best out it, without servicing or say repairing the damage is a bit exaggeration of expectation. Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) has been consistently working on making healing part of our lives. Recently held spiritual programme held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, was one such eye opening event. We can bring down heaven on Earth by practising Forgiveness Sadhana, Planetary Peace Meditation and Healings, says Shri…

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Healthy Bites On World Environment Day 2017


World is giving a consideration to environment conservation and rectifying the mistakes we’ve been doing. Huge damage is done and we’re stopping nowhere. 5th Jun, World Environment Day is an important reminder to be contributive towards going green and saving a healthy breath. Now when we’ve got into a bond with the celebrities from actors to influencers, and from admiring to worshipping, it makes a significant impact when they do something thoughtful. Coming to know of Gul Panag, for instance is just a small bite of it. Will You Drive…

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Marriages On Akshay Tritiya, How Far Is Auspicious?

akshay tritiya

Akshay Tritiya or Aki or Akha Teej, is considered an auspicious day for Hindus over the various states and various communities. The day is believed to bring success and good luck and doing charity on the day brings positive results. Starting new ventures also considered to bring greater results. Hence starting a new business, buying property, beginning construction is auspicious, as stated and believed widely. The day brings fortune when you decide to buy gold or invest somewhere as well. There is one more thing that is considered to bring…

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