Perfect Way To Celebrate Valentine Day | Ishquiya with Akhil and so much More!!

Once in a lifetime it has happened to you when love overtook you. Indeed you celebrate love everyday and every moment but there’s one such day when you make it grand. Grand, like bigger than your first date, bigger than your anniversary! Valentine’s Day, a day when colours turn to red and pink and shapes turn to hearts. This valentine, is coming to glorify the feeling of love with the biggest love fiesta – Ishquiya. One of most awaited event on Valentine’s Day is expected to have a footfall of…

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Eco-Friendly Pencils by Inaayat, Living Room To Study


We live in a world where we have to use the resources to fulfill our needs. As we upgrade ourselves, we need more and diverse resources to cater the needs arising. Using the resources sometimes becomes an exploitation per se.  Taking an example of a very basic thing, pencil, as stated the number of trees that have fallen for producing something as little as pencils, has statistically deprived 50,000 people of oxygen per year. Project Inaayat, in collaboration with Enactus (Entrepreneurial Action for us all) has given an incredible product…

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For The Sake Of Love, Love Unwind

For the sake of love

For the sake of love, you do an extra bit. For the sake of love, you may be walking on a road less travelled. How far can you go, For the sake of love? Recent book by Anamika Mishra, ‘For the Sake of Love’ seemed an easy and light and lovy dovy read to me initially. To my utter surprise, this was not that easy. Book                    : For the Sake of Love Author               : Anamika…

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Clean Planet Is Not A Dream, If You Choose To Live It


Talk about Health and what comes first to your mind, is Healthy Food, Healthy n Fresh Vegetable or Fruits, Hygienic Home and a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle. There are many small things though, that you everyday take care of, for your  healthy habits and a happy you. As a matter of fact, we can hardly afford to forget about the products we choose to use. Hygienic Products rather! No matter how cautious you be with everything, if the environment you’re living in and the products that you use are not…

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The Full Circle, A Book, A Saga : Review

The Full Circle

There is a karmic account, many of us believe, that we keep reconciling. Love, Hatred, Joy, Pain and many more such notions we may experience time to time, with or without an explanation to it. Talking about the book, authored by Ratan Kaul, The Full Circle, has not left me from its hallucination kind of feeling. Book: The Full Circle Author: Ratan Kaul Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd Genre: Romance, Fiction (I personally will include it in Suspense) Where to buy Why you should read The Full Circle? The story…

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An Important Pillar Of Business So Well Explained By Sandhya Jane

business analysis

How far your love for anything takes you in your journey and how well you meet professionalism and your passion along, depends to a greater extent on your vision. Vision for what you presently are doing and foreseeing the need of the coming times. Listening to Management Consultant turned Author to quite a few books now, Sandhya Jane, I must say, was one of the most gluing experience. It’s like she has something for everyone. Her latest publish is Business Analysis-Q&A. Taking you through the lively session with her. “Business…

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Doctor Your Beverage To Healthy, To Refreshing, To Fun

Healthy Beverage

Allow me to give you a proposition, no matter you belong to a medicine field / a health expert or just your own special self, you can become a doctor anyway. 🙂 Not kidding while saying this but you surely can do that just by being a kid again. We grown ups mostly tend to take up tough ways and boring methods thinking that these are tried and tested ways. The fact is that experimenting is key to freshness. Life is more fun, more energetic and lively the way it…

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Most Preferred Food Of Health Conscious People

Healthy Food

Keeping yourself fit and eating just the right food may require lot of calculation in the beginning. By the time, however, you master the skill of mixing and matching the right ingredients to your healthy plate. Once you have known amount of calories and carbs and proteins that you require, next is to list out the food ingredients that you have access to or that you choose to include in your healthy diet. We miss out few simple ingredients while planning our healthy meal. Sometimes they’re too simple to become…

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Women’s Health & Hygiene Is More Than What You Know


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely absence of disease, as defined by WHO. A surprising fact is that Right to Health is not subsumed in our Fundamental Rights. The responsibility is passed on to State, Panchayat and Municipality. Miracles happen but the fact is someone, somewhere actually works for it. A major role is played by NGOs, Help Groups, Philanthropists and CSR. Even better for the developing and rather evolving country is when every segment involves for the betterment. Latest Bollywood Releases…

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Most Modern Approach To Astrology Revealed

Astro Sign

Astrology is helpful, fascinating but its little complicated. It requires deep study and knowledge to make it work for us. Everyone fitting into the 12 star signs to rely on and predicting the future looks immature. It’s ok to feel good about the good things predicted and be warned when something alarming said. Fact is that, every second counts while telling the future, be it within the same zodiac sign. Astrobuddy The App Astrobuddy launched by Nyassa Astro Corp Pvt Ltd brings most scientific and unconventional method to make it…

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