How To Lose Weight With Knee Problem?

Weight loss

Most of us love to workout in the gym. Some for the love of it and others seek to loose weight. whatever may be your reason it is always a good idea to stay fit. But is it as easy as it sounds? With numerous variants of workouts available in the market it becomes a tricky task to choose the one that suits your body be it Cardio, weight training, Yoga, Dance workout, meditation to name a few. Also it turns worse if you have certain medical condition which forbids…

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What Happens If You Have To Quit Gym


Joining a gym takes dedication and concern towards one’s health and fitness. But it may take just one wrong information to stay away from your dream of staying fit. Many people, who come across, with a curiosity of joining gym have this fear. So it becomes most important to answer it first of all. When journey will begin, more solutions and more achievements will come your way. If I must discontinue gym, will I gain even more weight? So the answer is a Big No! There is no such outright…

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Want To Reduce Weight For A Wedding Approaching Soon?

Being a Fitness Trainer I meet all sorts of people with different expectations and goals for their body. There are people looking to get toned, few looking to gain muscle and a whole bunch of people looking to reduce weight. This is something I feel people really need to clear their mindset. Targeting to reduce weight can be achieved by many homely methods also, which goes without consultation or guidance. That’s where it can be a risky affair also. My Favourite Party Dress Doesn’t Fit Me Anymore. It’s an upcoming…

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How Many Days It Takes To Lose Weight Actually


After practising an entire decade of laziness and junk food, sun is rising to a healthy lifestyle. From catching up a brunch to quickly grabbing something healthy for breakfast is becoming a reality. Nothing really stops you when you really want to do something. Maintaining fitness is not just a dream but a need for all. However this is important to know that achieving a goal becomes easy and accurate with the help of a mentor. Lets talk about how to lose weight and how much time it takes to…

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