Happiness | An Upcoming Subject in School Curriculum?

Anubha Gupta

“Your Search for Happiness ends Here” book in search of happiness by Anubha Gupta, tarot consultant who framed her journey into this beautiful book of her, is all set with a question for you to find answer and unveil your happiness. Start flipping the book in a state where you are half happy and by the time you complete reading the book, your search for happiness ends. Book cover, very aptly demonstrates the same, how Anubha feels. For Anubha, Happiness is not just a smile, it’s a situation it’s a you…

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Geet Govind, the musical making of epic love by Guru Sandhya Damle


The famous Bharatnatyam dancer Guru Sandhya Damle brings backs to you the 12 century famous epic, Geet Govinda. In a conversation with her, read the interesting making of the upcoming pious musical performance Geet Govind. Geet Govinda is written by Jayadeva Goswami  where he has tried to combine religious fervor with eroticism and romanticism. It belongs to the medieval Vashnavism and describes the love sports and pangs of separation of Radha and Krishna. This epic combines different shades of love with a philosophical touch. The epic shows not just the love…

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Reason To Visit Assam Other Than The Scenic Beauty


India, a place where females are discriminated not on the basis of race or caste but whether they can bleed or not. India, a place where you can’t talk openly about Mensuration or Bleeding. But still its India where lies the Bleeding Goddess. Kamakhya in Assam is the only temple where the yoni or vagina of goddess is the object of worship or reverence famous as Bleeding goddess, the mythical womb and vagina of Shakti are installed in the ‘garvagriha’ or sanctrum of the temple. It is situated at the peak…

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EBB and Flow for Transgenders in Oscars


The 2017 Academy Awards will most likely be remembered for one almighty gaffe as his year Oscars had a lot of drama from MOONLIGHT taking over LA LA LAND in the last minutes to #whiteoscar which still persisted. But the most controversial one was the seclusion as well as the  mingling of the epicenes . KELLY MANTLE : the first transgender artist nominee for Oscars Image Kelly Mantle is the first person to be eligible for an Oscar for Miguel Ali directed comedy drama “ Confessions of a Womanizer” in both male…

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How Mahashivaratri Is Celebrated World Over


Mahashivaratri is no small affair of celebration and devotion. Having deities world over it hold various beliefs, myths and method of serving offerings during worship on the day. Mahashivaratri is not only a ritual but also a cosmic definition of the Hindu universe. It dispels ignorance, emanates the light of knowledge, makes one aware of the universe, ushers in the spring after the cold and dry winter, and invokes the supreme power to take cognizance of the beings that were created by him. How is Mahashivaratri celebrated world over and how amazing their beliefs are, let’s…

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Do You Dare To Take Your Fashion Sense To Tribal India

tribal fashion

India has been known to be rich in culture, heritage beyond the term sone ki chidiya or say golden sparrow. When you see the rich fashion that we have inherited, it won’t be less than jaw dropping. Some of them giving no sense and leave clueless as to how on earth one ever thought of launching it!!  Coming from the land of multitudinous culture and people, the culturally rich heritage leave us with fascinating costumes and intricately designed accessories. Modernisation touching them nowhere. Due to the presence of tribes, India…

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fashion week

Hello fashionista! Couldn’t make it to the 18th Edition of Gala Summer/Resort Lakme Fashion Week 2017? Don’t be sad we bring to you the latest updates from the Lakme Fashion Week 2017, Day 1 and Day 2. Lakme Fashion Week openend with an Indian element at full glory on 1 February at Relianc Jio Garden. It included various designers from different parts of  India, presenting a fusion of Khadi and a pallate full of earth colours. Day 2 was themed as Sustainable Fashion and Indian Textile. It was dedicated to…

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Lip Fashion For Fall From Around The Globe


We’ve all been there, stuck in a style-rut. Routine gets the best of us and we find ourselves waking up for work each morning, applying the Same makeup products, in the Same order and wondering why we feel dull and drab. We want to switch up our look, but not in a complete makeover sort of way. And we certainly don’t want to break the bank in the process. What’s new for fall? For one thing, the colours are intense, subversive even. When it comes to lips, that’s not exactly a…

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Top 5 Wedding Themes Trending in India !

Indoor wedding theme garden

Indian weddings are often multi-day events, deeply rooted in tradition. You said “Yes” to him but can’t decide your wedding decor yet. Here are some interesting wedding themes selectively articulating each step of your wedding, to start your new journey in a meritorious way.   Indoor Garden          This look is basically created for the summer, or for venues with no natural beauty to add some instant freshness to the decor. It is really like bringing the garden indoor, with the walls covered in greens, large green trees…

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Follow The Fashion Trends Season 2016

Ethinc Jackets for Women Year 2016

The festive year 2016 has arrived with much fervor. While stepping into the sixteenth year of the 21st century, the fashionistas are suggesting to look Twenty and feel Sixteen! And here’s our Top 5 Indian Ethnic Fashion Forecast that’ll bring the alluring 2016 festive look alive. Celebrate this karva chauth and Diwali with some latest trends: Anarkali suits – Royalty indeed ! Shop Now The aegis of Anarkalis doesn’t seem to simmer and undoubtedly, what seems to rule the Indian ethnic circuit even in 2016 is anarkali suit. The flairy silhouette…

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