Most Modern Approach To Astrology Revealed

Astro Sign

Astrology is helpful, fascinating but its little complicated. It requires deep study and knowledge to make it work for us. Everyone fitting into the 12 star signs to rely on and predicting the future looks immature. It’s ok to feel good about the good things predicted and be warned when something alarming said. Fact is that, every second counts while telling the future, be it within the same zodiac sign. Astrobuddy The App Astrobuddy launched by Nyassa Astro Corp Pvt Ltd brings most scientific and unconventional method to make it…

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Know Your Special Valentine’s Day Prediction for 2017


Starting a day well is like meeting your expectations. Know your zodiac prediction for this special day on valentine and go in the right flow. Also, benefit with the tarot tip by Astrologer and Tarot Reader, Rekha Vohra. CAPRICORN – 22nd Dec-19th Jan Somethings will come as a shocking news or some love relations might break. But don’t worry whatever will happen will happen for best. Some new love affair or marriage is also indicated. Tarot Tips: Be open to new relation coming in your life. AQUARIUS – 20th Jan-18th…

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Why Relationship Healing is Need of the Hour


We see so much discontentment in relationship these days. So many people get together and then break up…or worse marry and then divorce. It has become almost impossible to be truly happy in a relationship. People are having so much difficulty finding and maintaining relationships. Why it is so hard these days? Committing to being in a relationship means the relationship comes first—it comes before being right. The hard part is to accept that life works best when we don’t try to control it. Understand Astrological Viewpoint Astrologically speaking, modern…

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