Happiness | An Upcoming Subject in School Curriculum?

Anubha Gupta

“Your Search for Happiness ends Here” book in search of happiness by Anubha Gupta, tarot consultant who framed her journey into this beautiful book of her, is all set with a question for you to find answer and unveil your happiness. Start flipping the book in a state where you are half happy and by the time you complete reading the book, your search for happiness ends. Book cover, very aptly demonstrates the same, how Anubha feels. For Anubha, Happiness is not just a smile, it’s a situation it’s a you…

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For The Sake Of Love, Love Unwind

For the sake of love

For the sake of love, you do an extra bit. For the sake of love, you may be walking on a road less travelled. How far can you go, For the sake of love? Recent book by Anamika Mishra, ‘For the Sake of Love’ seemed an easy and light and lovy dovy read to me initially. To my utter surprise, this was not that easy. Book                    : For the Sake of Love Author               : Anamika…

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The Full Circle, A Book, A Saga : Review

The Full Circle

There is a karmic account, many of us believe, that we keep reconciling. Love, Hatred, Joy, Pain and many more such notions we may experience time to time, with or without an explanation to it. Talking about the book, authored by Ratan Kaul, The Full Circle, has not left me from its hallucination kind of feeling. Book: The Full Circle Author: Ratan Kaul Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd Genre: Romance, Fiction (I personally will include it in Suspense) Where to buy Why you should read The Full Circle? The story…

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An Important Pillar Of Business So Well Explained By Sandhya Jane

business analysis

How far your love for anything takes you in your journey and how well you meet professionalism and your passion along, depends to a greater extent on your vision. Vision for what you presently are doing and foreseeing the need of the coming times. Listening to Management Consultant turned Author to quite a few books now, Sandhya Jane, I must say, was one of the most gluing experience. It’s like she has something for everyone. Her latest publish is Business Analysis-Q&A. Taking you through the lively session with her. “Business…

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How To Get Your First Book Published

My First Book ChaaiCoffee

When you feel entertained after watching a movie, thoughtful after a play or thrilled when you finish reading a book, there’s always one person who feels happiest with the applaud. It might have taken his nights for that applaud. He might have lived his dining table moments or bathroom moments working for it. Every step while writing the story for that movie or play or the book, will contribute to that appreciation surely. We met an amazing person, a young writer, telling his journey of being able to author the…

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Raymond Crossword Book Award 2016, Place Your Vote

Raymond Book Award

Indian English Literature is all set to receive the appreciation like never before with The Raymond Crossword Book Award, going to make its final judgement in Mumbai on 29th November at National Centre for the Performing Arts. India’s first and most prestigious book award with India’s only forum set to acknowledge Indian authors witnessed the shortlisted ones on 17th November bagging star shortlist for Twinkle Khanna, Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathi, and Shilpa Shetty. Award Gala & Galore Sharing the recognition at par with Booker and Pulitzer, the awardees have risen…

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What Is Your Kind? Smart or Sexy?? ..for the love of books

Smart Sexy Books

Funda of Smartness.. Smart people always believe that there is nothing superior to the beauty of learning.  They continue to read books and learn on a constant basis. Because to write a book the author takes several years to come up with the idea or his experience which is then helmed in to a book. But smart people read those books within hours and acquire the knowledge easily than others. When you are reading books it makes your mind sharper and astute to act on any situation that comes through your…

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At The Martyr’s Grave – A Poem, A Salute To Soldiers

Amidst disagreements, mistrust, fear, angst, war or no war, no matter countries fight or divide, along with the need to answer the so called enemy, there is one person who gets to chose nothing but be available with all the dutifulness. His soul may be divided between emotions and the righteous but his being is all the time alert and available for the path he has chosen, for his country. The wonderful poem written by Jigar Trivedi, upcoming writer salutes the brave soldiers of the nation. Standing at the Martyr’s…

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My Best Teacher.. Bombay!!!


” हर शहर कुछ कहता है ” Every Present has a Past, Every living being has a story to tell and Every city has few thousand stories in its heart. While we continue to live in the heart of our cities and towns, the same city, town or village keeps living within us. It stays there, loves us back, give a little tough time now and then. Be us alone or among crowd,  it never leaves us alone. That leaves us with many memories and moments to remember and cherish.…

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An Ability To Take You On A Drive, Differently

Ability on Wheels

That’s a Trio – The Three Aces…. It is often said that every person taking birth has a purpose to serve, only he needs to realise it. An effort leads to an achievement and an achievement leads to an appreciation. You only need to make one honest effort and it will follow its course. One similar effort with full honesty was attempted by Harish Kumar of Ahmedabad, Gujrat. Having one hand amputated since birth, Harish reserved his name in Limca Book along with an appreciation and recognition from government as…

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