After Effects of Addition in Travel Ban Imposed by American Govt. in H1B Visa.

H1B Visa

“You can not stop a traveller from exploring. No cap can restrict them they will find one way or the other when it comes to travel. Therefore the changes in H-1B visa might not affect that category of travel industry. People who want to explore can always switch the place for a sorted vacations but people who want to visit United States for any specific purpose will surely have to go through a headache.” Yash Sharma, CEO of Quick Forex a foreign exchange firm which has also been the travel partner…

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Best Place To Socialise For Children @Plowns

disabled children

A joy of sharing comes through Facebook and Instagram while posting and sharing the selfies. Small achievements, initiatives and efforts are of course good to flaunt among the friends. Same kind of joy is spread through @Plowns. Plowns, a unique initiative gives a platform to children who thrive constantly to learn and be playful. How To Make Best Of Your Childhood With Plowns Plowns, is designed to give a digitised platform to children, where they can upload their creativity. It’s not about art, drawing, sketching, poetry. Its about everything and…

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This Species Of Employers Still Exist?!


“The employers behave very kindly and socially with the employees so that when it comes to the wage day, they are easily able to get away with it with the help of the ‘Relations’ they have built with the employees.” P.S. Youth Brigade, Are You Getting Paid? India has a ‘Youth Enthusiasm Quotient’ for sure. With millions of them getting paid for that, there are a lot of them not getting paid for their hard work. ‘Not Getting Paid’ Yes. Rising Shaking Pillars The young enthusiasts of today know no…

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5 Basics To Re-Start Career For Returning Mothers


Are you an opinionated mom to a lovely munchkin? Did you quit your job to take care of your little beauty? Are you now looking back to restart your career? Then here is what you all must be going through…. Well, babies truly are bundles of joy, but, they can impact your life and often change everything happening in the life till they enter the scenario. Juggling motherhood with career is often the hardest task laid in front of women and her ability to balance the odds speaks loads about…

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How Hateful Paytm Founder Can Be?!


Digitisation and Demonetisation was pretty welcomed by many along with the skeptical beliefs it still carries in many minds. In the manner it was implemented looked necessary although influenced by the political timings. Despite the uncooked meal served by government with the expectation to eat and digest, there was one thing well prepared to at least survive during day to day marathon. That was Paytm and tuning well to the times arriving it was all over in the advertisements like God’s signals about the testing times to come. Jokes apart. There…

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How To Become The First Food Photographer of India

Food Photographer

In the world of casual selfies there are many many passionate photographers and for those there is a chance to Participate in “India’s First Food Photography Competition” and become First Food Photographer of India, Win dine-in passes and opportunity to photograph at India’s Top Most Hotels, Cash Rs. 20K, Live Round at Delhi, Entry in Mega Kitchen of IRCTC & lots more…. and all that for Free!   FPC is a contest to search for FIRST FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER OF INDIA. Food Photography Contest is one of its kind and is happening for the…

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8 Ways To Earn Extra Without Sparing Extra Time in Year 2017


There is always an involuntary desire to grow more and see your earnings multiply. The hours are limited though and it takes own time and course to build a castle. Here’s something that can help you earn extra when you don’t have extra or free time for additional work load. Call it passive income working along you. Go for An Index Fund Index Fund is a type of mutual fund with a portfolio constructed to match or track the components of a market index. It is said to provide broad…

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Best Cookware Range With Loads Of Health Benefits

clay potter

Receive from earth and give back to earth, this is the ideal cycle and when broken brings a huge imbalance in the ecosystem. Fast changing lives and less time may have compelled us to opt a lot of short cuts resulting to compromise in health. We love change and that change brings back our attention to the compromised health. Let us remind you of one of the age old cookware that’s forgotten but slowly being adopted now for the sake of health.   The Earthen Cookwares & Pots   Ancient…

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Hey Boss, Not the same Gift again this Diwali

Diwali Gifts

  We say NO to chocolates, sweets, nuts, dry fruits, pens and key chains as our gifts this Diwali. As yours truly beloved and valued employees .we wish you gift us something different this Diwali.Those giftlooking at which.our loyalties towards you should strengthen like Fevikwik.Quick and strong and forever..   How about this tealight holder My family can lit Diyas in them and every time we take a look at the sacred diyas spreading the light through these, we can boast of our company to our better halves.   Forget…

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Startup Delhi The Place To Be For Startups

Startup Delhi

If you’re a Startup you probably got to be on Startup Delhi too. Boom of Startups and every entrepreneur got set, on his toes to visualize and achieve his dream. While working on their own front has to be their prime focus, look at it the way, you still need to connect with like minded people and people who wish to connect to you and be your team. Now here comes a pal, having a vision to set it right for all the entrepreneurs out there, Startup Delhi, the Facebook…

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