How Hateful Paytm Founder Can Be?!


Digitisation and Demonetisation was pretty welcomed by many along with the skeptical beliefs it still carries in many minds. In the manner it was implemented looked necessary although influenced by the political timings. Despite the uncooked meal served by government with the expectation to eat and digest, there was one thing well prepared to at least survive during day to day marathon. That was Paytm and tuning well to the times arriving it was all over in the advertisements like God’s signals about the testing times to come. Jokes apart. There…

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5 Strategies To Improve Will Power Without Fail

Smart goal

Its early morning. 6.30 am. The alarm goes off. Its cold outside. You have decided yesterday night to wake up early and get in some exercise for your body. Do you wake up or hit the snooze button??  Your resume is lying on the sofa and vying your attention and updation since a long time. Do you turn towards it or turn towards the TV again? Your choice depends on your will power .Your will power decides if you reach your goals and realize your dreams in the long run.…

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8 Expert Tips To Set Your Career High


Tip 1.     Setting GOALS How often have we been told how important it is to set our GOALS! But WHY is it important to have GOALS? Imagine a Captain of a ship failing to mark the course of travel from point A to point B before the ship leaves the dock. He doesn’t know where he will end up and certainly not at his intended destination. Having GOALS means you set your directions to where you want to go! Our conscious mind is a GOAL setter and unconscious mind…

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How to Communicate Better?

Call for Communication Communication is the key to success. This calls for a need to choose words wisely. Words & Vibes build your sw-maan or say, Self Respect. Choosing wrong words may not always harm you in present and one may do things pretty well in future too but that could bear a less self esteem forever. ….And You Thought This Worked? When a child is not doing as expected, in spite of building pressure, try to take it away. This is just opposite to what we more often do.…

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What Made These Wonder Kids Achievers


The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. That little extra can be extra efforts and hard work or it can be simply be a God’s gift. Making a new history read some amazing childhood and the secret behind making them such extraordinary. A surgeon at 7 – Akrit Jaswal While most of us were playing with dolls and cars at age of 7 Mr. Akrit Jaswal performed a surgery for a young girl who belonged to a poor family . After this he gained international attention as…

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Acquire Skills, Not Degrees

The skills versus degrees dilemma  happens all over the world. People working in various fields may not always benefit from degrees in absence of skills. Clearly seen hard fact is that, degrees don’t guarantee skills. It is sad when a B.Sc. student don’t know how theoretical law of physics and chemistry is applied in real life. Their energy goes entirely in searching job after graduation. Now question is that, whether it is flaw of our educational institutions or lack of clarity and focus of students. Albert Einstein famously said, “I…

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