Bindu Kahin Vishram Nahi Karta, A Review Meri Pyari Bindu

meri pari bindu

When there was no other plan and we had to do something relaxing on Mother’s Day, watching a movie sounded comforting and safe choice. Again when not too many movies were out to decide from, Ayushman Khurana and Parineeti Chopra were the ones I expected to be decently entertaining. And I chose Meri Pyari Bindu. My expectations were little high as I thought this movie will be just a commercial one, playing comfortably behind some quirky outward script with no long term relevance and just a laugh for the moment.…

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Amavas Se Amaltas | Theatre Calling

Amavas Se Amaltas, a story of conversation around children in difficult circumstances, is an Hinglish play that you can catch this evening. Directed by Smita Bharti, creative Director, playwright, theatre and multi-media practitioner, its a story of voluntarily retired judge, Shikha (Jayati Bhatia), after diagnosis of Cervical cancer. Living with her daughter Sonali (Ankita Bhargava), a successful corporate lawyer and her autistic son, Jai (Ssumier Pasricha). Things take a hilarious and dramatic turn, when 16-year-old Khushi (Chitrashi Rawat), a sex worker and survivor of human trafficking lands up at their doorstep stumbling…

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Rap Your Menu With These Amusing Numbers


The 90’s Indipop performer and first Indian Rapper Baba Sehgal had been part of every audio cassette collection back then. We hear old is gold and old songs have their own charm. That may not stand true to all numbers in same sense though listening to Baba’s few rap numbers makes it amusing at least for once. So may be this has been an epic rapper who lived every moment of his life doing rap. From dabba to katori or pani to puri it was all rap for Baba Sehgal.…

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EBB and Flow for Transgenders in Oscars


The 2017 Academy Awards will most likely be remembered for one almighty gaffe as his year Oscars had a lot of drama from MOONLIGHT taking over LA LA LAND in the last minutes to #whiteoscar which still persisted. But the most controversial one was the seclusion as well as the  mingling of the epicenes . KELLY MANTLE : the first transgender artist nominee for Oscars Image Kelly Mantle is the first person to be eligible for an Oscar for Miguel Ali directed comedy drama “ Confessions of a Womanizer” in both male…

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New Face Of Psy Trance Music Festivals

psy trance music

Psy Trance music takes you to the trance of music by arrangements of synthetic rhythms and layered melodies created by high tempo riffs. But that’s not all. It holds an inside story which many people know. Where some like it the way it is, while many feel pity on the saddened state of music and festivals in the name of music. Here’s an insight on Psy Trance music and Music festivals in India by founder of Himalayan Music Festivals, Abhinav Kashyap and his journey on being a differentiator in connecting music…

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Single And Sad? No Way!!


This was just not on the cards to write about but there’s something that clicks….. for the singles (especially obliging the life and just the To-Dos and chores). Who says life is only happening for the love birds? The adventure a single can experience, that’s only the additional jealousy for the engaged ones. The mysterious love enters in its mysterious ways, when you least expect it. Least expectation? Though I feel expectation is always there for a single, at it’s most 😛 It’s just that you don’t always find that…

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Punjab Is Trending With Only One Thing Now – This Will Make You Cry


Out of all the states of India, Punjab has been one of the most sensitive polling domains in 2017 elections. Reason behind is not just lack of development and a look out for opportunities. It’s rather the finishing future of Punjab because of the addiction, that’s killing the youth already. A silent terrorism, more dangerous than any other terrorism possible anywhere. Here’s someone talking to you, to the youth of Punjab and to youth of entire India. and it begins…. .. I have been practising everyday. Because one day I…

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Anushka Sharma Has Recently Moved To Phillauri..?


An instant spur and excitement took place looking at the wedding plot of the going to be released movie Phillauri, on 24th March 2017. There have been many movies in the industry connecting to us and infusing some bright ideas along the wedding arrangements full of grandeur and elegance. Two of them though never goes off the mind for an altogether different cinematography, namely Love Breakups Zindagi and Bride & Prejudice. Both the movies had a different storyline but they commonly carried wedding plot, excellent star cast and everything that…

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What All A Good Product Needs?


Commonly we know that Good Work Speaks For Itself. Ya? so if that’s so true why do we need to market and manage it? Let it Speak, Let it Talk, Let it Shout loud. Let’s intrigue little further. GyanKosh Along the diverse platform we get these days to explore the opportunities and work on our conditions, whether to work in a large team or solo, hire someone to help us out or learn it by ourselves, is really our own choice. After all, We are the magical core, The premium…

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National Anthem in Cinemas Unplugged


National Anthem must be played in the Cinema Halls, across the country before a film is screened and everyone present MUST stand to pay respect to it, as ordered by Supreme Court. Piece of this news brought a mix wave of emotions instantaneously. The sensitive Indians have suffered a lot lately in the name of patriotism. Few well known names were stained with their image for being named non patriotic just to express their opinions and few least known names became popular in the name of patriotism over the debates…

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