Perfect Way To Celebrate Valentine Day | Ishquiya with Akhil and so much More!!

Once in a lifetime it has happened to you when love overtook you. Indeed you celebrate love everyday and every moment but there’s one such day when you make it grand. Grand, like bigger than your first date, bigger than your anniversary! Valentine’s Day, a day when colours turn to red and pink and shapes turn to hearts. This valentine, is coming to glorify the feeling of love with the biggest love fiesta – Ishquiya. One of most awaited event on Valentine’s Day is expected to have a footfall of…

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Geet Govind, the musical making of epic love by Guru Sandhya Damle


The famous Bharatnatyam dancer Guru Sandhya Damle brings backs to you the 12 century famous epic, Geet Govinda. In a conversation with her, read the interesting making of the upcoming pious musical performance Geet Govind. Geet Govinda is written by Jayadeva Goswami  where he has tried to combine religious fervor with eroticism and romanticism. It belongs to the medieval Vashnavism and describes the love sports and pangs of separation of Radha and Krishna. This epic combines different shades of love with a philosophical touch. The epic shows not just the love…

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Christmas Ideas For An Introvert


Christmas is always all about happiness and happiness deserves to be celebrated. We tend to bifurcate kind of people into two typos: Introverts and Extroverts! Partying, Clubbing, Concerts, Feast, Fest these are all synonyms of finding happiness. But when it comes to an introvert, things are not quite same. Let’s make things easy for those introverts who are happy with themselves and feel more connected with self without being too social. Why should extroverts have all the fun? 😉   Netflix Netflix has been a life saver for all introverts…

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Amavas Se Amaltas | Theatre Calling

Amavas Se Amaltas, a story of conversation around children in difficult circumstances, is an Hinglish play that you can catch this evening. Directed by Smita Bharti, creative Director, playwright, theatre and multi-media practitioner, its a story of voluntarily retired judge, Shikha (Jayati Bhatia), after diagnosis of Cervical cancer. Living with her daughter Sonali (Ankita Bhargava), a successful corporate lawyer and her autistic son, Jai (Ssumier Pasricha). Things take a hilarious and dramatic turn, when 16-year-old Khushi (Chitrashi Rawat), a sex worker and survivor of human trafficking lands up at their doorstep stumbling…

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Indian Blind Football – Weekend In Mumbai 12th Feb


Thats FIRST DEMO CAMP IN MUMBAI BY INDIAN BLIND FOOTBALL FEDERATION. Indian Blind Football Federation (IBFF)  promoted by Society for Rehabilitation of the Visually Challenged, Kochi – a registered NGO working with the sector since 2002, is Affiliated with the Paralympic Committee of India (Govt) and is the organization recognised to help promote this game with the aim to help get sporting talents recognized and developed. Blind Football is a 5-a-side game played on a futsal ground with two sighted goalkeepers. Venue IBFF is conducting the first Blind Football Demo camp in the Mumbai region bringing…

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Weekend Expedition, Travel to A Perfect Getaway


Unbelievable starts with ‘U’, Unique starts with ‘U’ and UX/UI also start with ‘U’ 😛 So basically it’s all about U and that’s what matters. So here’s a ‘You’ser friendly experience for you, designed to break the routine, get away from the maddening crowd and just be with you in the weekend. In fact, this could be like a weekly meditation session for you. So this ‘U’ has brought offering weekend bundle of peace.   Get ready to Enjoy the taste of Rustic life and breath in pure air.Allow…

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Get Your Dose Of Adrenaline | Rann – Rocksport – Adventure


One pint of adrenaline a day keeps the greys away. But hey! A gallon of it is waiting for you this weekend 14th and 15th January with Rocksport Open Race and much more. Our very own Ranvijay who lives adventure and that’s his life, has brought adventure to your daily lives. I know how excited people were when initiative by Times was taken starting Raahgiri in Delhi NCR. Now time to get used to next level, say adventure or say life infused in mobile robots. Get the Glimpse What –…

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Plan Thy Weekend


Hello readers, This weekend is already running the chills of patriotism through our spines.  Let’s take you through the trail of patriotic, euphoric and also self finding weekend. Voices Of Partition IHC welcomes you for a  historic talk show “Voices of Partition,” Narratives recounted by witnesses to story collectors from both sides of the border, offering an acute understanding into human experiences against the backdrop of Independence and Partition. Speakers for the evening: Joginder Singh Dhamija, Saleem Hassan Siddiqui, Keerti Kunzru, Mishika Nayyar. Moderator: Urvashi Bhutalia Collaboration: The 1947 Partition…

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A Special Weekend

purana quila

  A 5 minutes more sleep with the rolling weekend is okey, a five minutes more fun is cool and frolic with these fivers this weekend is so more welcomed.   1. Delhi 1948 with Delhi Karavan & Asif Khan Dehlvi Carrying love for Delhi or the Culture of Delhi, enjoy the mesmerizing stories of Delhi. Forgetting all the Rights and Wrongs indulge in the culture of baithak where Karavan has gathered all the stories of pain and struggle of the people of Delhi while all the way Delhi suffered…

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Weekend Planner

weekend red

Hello fuccahs ! Congratulations and welcome to Delhi university. First weekend with new friends after entering into college life …. Waiting for a fun and frolics weekend ? So here are some spine chilling events for you all ! 1. Madhurbani – Art gallery Madhubani as we all know is the famous art style of Bihar which were mainly done by upper caste women in Bihar and Nepal in ancient times . But nowadays madhubani art form has become a globalized art form and it has received both national and…

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