How Many Days It Takes To Lose Weight Actually


After practising an entire decade of laziness and junk food, sun is rising to a healthy lifestyle. From catching up a brunch to quickly grabbing something healthy for breakfast is becoming a reality. Nothing really stops you when you really want to do something. Maintaining fitness is not just a dream but a need for all. However this is important to know that achieving a goal becomes easy and accurate with the help of a mentor. Lets talk about how to lose weight and how much time it takes to…

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If You’re Not Expressive You May Be Suffering Silently

World Health Day 2017

When on 7th April we talk about World Health Day, we consider one such problem, one theme that’s hitting globally. This year’s theme has been depression. Do note that consideration doesn’t limit to the day itself but its the beginning of your attention towards it. Beginning of a thoughtful attention and expression. Depression is not even a disease but actually a state of mind. That’s the reason it can occur from a child to an adult, anybody, anytime. So, what should we know about depression? Coughing more than 2 weeks…

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