Are You Also Compromising On Your Girl Child Health?

Have you ever noticed that you can always find a reason to put off ’till tomorrow what you can do today? Today is Girl Child Day and it is vital to know more about various nutrient facts , which a girl child should follow. Girls are especially needed extra care. This is very important when it comes to girl’s need extra nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. Eating habits are a major concern in today’s life. Children have a natural tendency to eat junk foods. However, by replacing it with healthy…

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Most Effective Winter Food – A Bliss For Whole Year

winter food

With onset of winters, our body experiences a lot of changes in terms of our habits, eating preferences, body metabolism and food choices. During these months people prefer to stay indoors to keep themselves warm and protected from the cold weather. A sudden drop of temperature, low immunity is the reason our bodies have to work overtime to keep our internal temperatures up. What if we had some effective winter food to our rescue. Who wants to get succumb to diseases like Viral flu. Cough, wheezing, common cold, respiratory infections…

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Pollution and Unhealthy Street Food

We all love to eat out occasionally, and it includes eating street food from the street vendors. No doubt it is tasty and attractive and at the same time lip-smacking. But have you ever thought about the drawbacks of consuming these foods. Is street food always bad? Do you have any alternate food choice when you don’t have much cooking time?   Image    Street foods are easy and quick food items sold by the roadside by different vendors, as the name clearly depicts. Food by the street itself is the…

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Top 5 Dishes to Try During Your Dubai Visit

dubai food

When it is about food then Dubai is no less exotic to imagine. It is one of those countries who are known for their rich delicacies. Dubai has restaurants who serve virtually every national cuisine from around the world, but here you need to hang for a minute refresh your thoughts from your home cuisine, cause when you are in Dubai dare not to forget trying many specializing in Dubai’s own Arabic delights and just not the dish, Dubai is an amazing destination to explore beauty with feast. They have…

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Doctor Your Beverage To Healthy, To Refreshing, To Fun

Healthy Beverage

Allow me to give you a proposition, no matter you belong to a medicine field / a health expert or just your own special self, you can become a doctor anyway. 🙂 Not kidding while saying this but you surely can do that just by being a kid again. We grown ups mostly tend to take up tough ways and boring methods thinking that these are tried and tested ways. The fact is that experimenting is key to freshness. Life is more fun, more energetic and lively the way it…

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Secret Fitness Food Ingredients From Land Of Spices

Food and Fitness

“There is no sincere love , than the love for  food“ Bernard Shaw. Kerala, Gods own country and a heaven on earth, is gifted with its authentic delicacies. At least once in a life time one should rejuvenate his taste buds with peerless kerala cuisine. Being aplenty in spices and coconut most of the Kerala dishes have abundance of coconut, either in grated coconut form or as coconut oil or as coconut milk. Most of these dishes are cooked  in  earthen pot , which enhance  taste and helps in  building immunity.…

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Most Preferred Food Of Health Conscious People

Healthy Food

Keeping yourself fit and eating just the right food may require lot of calculation in the beginning. By the time, however, you master the skill of mixing and matching the right ingredients to your healthy plate. Once you have known amount of calories and carbs and proteins that you require, next is to list out the food ingredients that you have access to or that you choose to include in your healthy diet. We miss out few simple ingredients while planning our healthy meal. Sometimes they’re too simple to become…

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Eid Brings Sweetness, Taste It With Love


It’s one of the sweetest occasion when you spread love and oneness is experienced for an entire month. Eid ul-Fitr “festival of breaking of the fast” leaves us happy and surrounded by our loved ones finally till the last day of Ramzan.  This Islamic holy month of fasting demonstrates worldwide and love prevails. It’s the time when relatives and friends get together and enjoy scrumptious feast. Sweets and desserts make for an important part of the feast and often take centre stage on this auspicious day. On this occasion, FunFoods…

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Where There Is Fine Dining, There Is Clicktable


Some time back I happened to start stopping by food blogs and reviews. Online and on Mobile Apps too. Being not a great foodie rather finicky while ordering outside, I grew more inquisitive to what foodies discover in plethora of traditional and fusion foods. Idea was to try out something new yet not spoil my choice of taste. It’s certainly understandable that everyone has a different taste bud yet there was something apparently unbelievable. That was, that all the reviews with goodie goodie pics posted of food had only something…

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Time To Eat, Food To Feed, Know It All For Toddlers


What do I feed my baby? That’s a major concern troubling every mother especially once breastfeeding calls for an end. On top it, getting the nutritious diet and developing a strong immune system for the toddlers demands a bigger thought. The needs of the body are never the same and during the early years one must offer appropriate portions of food that is loaded with recommended nutrients. In order to fulfill the extra demands of the body make a habit of giving three meals and two snacks for your little…

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