Most Preferred Food Of Health Conscious People

Healthy Food

Keeping yourself fit and eating just the right food may require lot of calculation in the beginning. By the time, however, you master the skill of mixing and matching the right ingredients to your healthy plate. Once you have known amount of calories and carbs and proteins that you require, next is to list out the food ingredients that you have access to or that you choose to include in your healthy diet. We miss out few simple ingredients while planning our healthy meal. Sometimes they’re too simple to become…

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How To Lose Weight With Knee Problem?

Weight loss

Most of us love to workout in the gym. Some for the love of it and others seek to loose weight. whatever may be your reason it is always a good idea to stay fit. But is it as easy as it sounds? With numerous variants of workouts available in the market it becomes a tricky task to choose the one that suits your body be it Cardio, weight training, Yoga, Dance workout, meditation to name a few. Also it turns worse if you have certain medical condition which forbids…

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What Happens If You Have To Quit Gym


Joining a gym takes dedication and concern towards one’s health and fitness. But it may take just one wrong information to stay away from your dream of staying fit. Many people, who come across, with a curiosity of joining gym have this fear. So it becomes most important to answer it first of all. When journey will begin, more solutions and more achievements will come your way. If I must discontinue gym, will I gain even more weight? So the answer is a Big No! There is no such outright…

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Want To Reduce Weight For A Wedding Approaching Soon?

Being a Fitness Trainer I meet all sorts of people with different expectations and goals for their body. There are people looking to get toned, few looking to gain muscle and a whole bunch of people looking to reduce weight. This is something I feel people really need to clear their mindset. Targeting to reduce weight can be achieved by many homely methods also, which goes without consultation or guidance. That’s where it can be a risky affair also. My Favourite Party Dress Doesn’t Fit Me Anymore. It’s an upcoming…

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Women’s Health & Hygiene Is More Than What You Know


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely absence of disease, as defined by WHO. A surprising fact is that Right to Health is not subsumed in our Fundamental Rights. The responsibility is passed on to State, Panchayat and Municipality. Miracles happen but the fact is someone, somewhere actually works for it. A major role is played by NGOs, Help Groups, Philanthropists and CSR. Even better for the developing and rather evolving country is when every segment involves for the betterment. Latest Bollywood Releases…

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How Many Days It Takes To Lose Weight Actually


After practising an entire decade of laziness and junk food, sun is rising to a healthy lifestyle. From catching up a brunch to quickly grabbing something healthy for breakfast is becoming a reality. Nothing really stops you when you really want to do something. Maintaining fitness is not just a dream but a need for all. However this is important to know that achieving a goal becomes easy and accurate with the help of a mentor. Lets talk about how to lose weight and how much time it takes to…

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Can Healing Decide Your Next Birth?


“Healing is the first step of curing.” A constantly working machine has to be serviced time and again. Living our lives constantly struggling and expecting the best out it, without servicing or say repairing the damage is a bit exaggeration of expectation. Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) has been consistently working on making healing part of our lives. Recently held spiritual programme held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, was one such eye opening event. We can bring down heaven on Earth by practising Forgiveness Sadhana, Planetary Peace Meditation and Healings, says Shri…

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Healthy Bites On World Environment Day 2017


World is giving a consideration to environment conservation and rectifying the mistakes we’ve been doing. Huge damage is done and we’re stopping nowhere. 5th Jun, World Environment Day is an important reminder to be contributive towards going green and saving a healthy breath. Now when we’ve got into a bond with the celebrities from actors to influencers, and from admiring to worshipping, it makes a significant impact when they do something thoughtful. Coming to know of Gul Panag, for instance is just a small bite of it. Will You Drive…

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That’s My Date! A Date Most Important To Me.


It feels special to tell about special days and flaunt them everywhere. There is this new culture progressing and being accepted widely, that is celebrating special days namely Mothers Day, Environment Day, Pollution Day. Though facing a tussle of views whether these are really required or a waste of our busy time, it does take our attention to the cause. So, when it comes to Menstrual Hygiene Day, widely celebrated and shouted out on 28th May, this might raise eyebrows of many. Why on earth this day needs to be…

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Healthy Food For The Mum To Be #MommyFiesta


When pregnant you get to hear a lot of advice on what to eat & best food for you. Here is a guide on healthy diet during pregnancy. Eating nutritious meal is the best thing you can do to your baby. Healthy diet during pregnancy means having same vitamins, minerals and nutrients in a higher amount. If you already have a healthy eating habits, with these small changes you can ensure a healthy pregnancy. Green veggies and Legumes Vegetables are full of nutrition, like spinach has iron; green turnip has…

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