Healthy Food For The Mum To Be #MommyFiesta


When pregnant you get to hear a lot of advice on what to eat & best food for you. Here is a guide on healthy diet during pregnancy. Eating nutritious meal is the best thing you can do to your baby. Healthy diet during pregnancy means having same vitamins, minerals and nutrients in a higher amount. If you already have a healthy eating habits, with these small changes you can ensure a healthy pregnancy. Green veggies and Legumes Vegetables are full of nutrition, like spinach has iron; green turnip has…

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Dental Care – In a New Light

It is said that about 47% people tend to notice a person’s smile first when they meet someone. Where west is much aware and alert about their oral health, it is yet quite neglected in India, to an extent. If you feel happy about brushing twice a day, please note that there’s more to dental health and hygiene than brushing twice a day or avoiding sweet food stuff.   Fact You Must Know An amazing fact that’s not commonly known is that, almost 90% of diseases show their early signs…

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