This Rakhi Tell Your Brother How Crazily You Love Him


Expressing love and care is a must in every relation. Brother and sister relation is one precious association and the bond grows only stronger with age. One strand of that simple and elegant rakhi brings the bond alive. We have every reason to personalise the celebration and be happy about it. Bringing you simple and elegant ways to be a child again and be proud to see your DIY rakhi on your brother’s wrist. It’s not just a ritual after all but your love. So show it off and be proud…

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Women’s Health & Hygiene Is More Than What You Know


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely absence of disease, as defined by WHO. A surprising fact is that Right to Health is not subsumed in our Fundamental Rights. The responsibility is passed on to State, Panchayat and Municipality. Miracles happen but the fact is someone, somewhere actually works for it. A major role is played by NGOs, Help Groups, Philanthropists and CSR. Even better for the developing and rather evolving country is when every segment involves for the betterment. Latest Bollywood Releases…

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Most Effortlessly Impressive Fashion Influencer


He is adorable, calm and understanding. He is fashion freak, social, some 11.6k social?! But hey, he is a darling and obedient too. Ya right. Being obedient brought him to the limelight and its just not stopping. You’ve been following fashion trends, latest check out and styles here and there. Ever thought to chase a dog for some styling tips? Well you can, for a change. Because this dog is no ordinary and will pose every trending wearable and fashion clothing right in front of the camera. It’s a dog,…

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Your Pet Is Too Adorable To Miss It


Ever fallen in love? Most likely you have, once or quite a few times. Many a times, we hear that purest form of love is what parents love is. You can surely experience it once you become one. But thats not it. You get to experience it way before. When you fall for that cute puppy or a bird, may be a rabbit, even a hamster, you become eligible to become a parent, Pet Parent. Once we fall in love with someone we leave no chance not to pour our…

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What Is Organic Clothing And Why It’s Important? – Design Different


When a ray comes from within, no one can stop you from shining bright. Mamtaa Gupta, apparently born to flabbergast the fashion seekers with her aesthetic sense. Propagating design and art with her sole purpose, she becomes the ambassador of style. We are gifted with so much beauty around but most of times we fail to notice. So when nothing works to charm our senses, Art does. That’s what Mamtaa Gupta at Buzzaria does, flourishing Art in all forms. Mamtaa, a fashion designer, pours art literally on the ensembles that…

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If You’re Not Expressive You May Be Suffering Silently

World Health Day 2017

When on 7th April we talk about World Health Day, we consider one such problem, one theme that’s hitting globally. This year’s theme has been depression. Do note that consideration doesn’t limit to the day itself but its the beginning of your attention towards it. Beginning of a thoughtful attention and expression. Depression is not even a disease but actually a state of mind. That’s the reason it can occur from a child to an adult, anybody, anytime. So, what should we know about depression? Coughing more than 2 weeks…

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6 Important Health Tips For Your 30s


No one can stay young forever, but one can stay fit. As soon as you reach thirty the body meets changes and expect the same from you too. Women by 30s stay busy in managing their career, family, kids neglecting crucial elements which cost a lot in future. On the other hand, metabolism gets slow and fat gets accumulated by this time. A majority of women face issues with bone density too. Count till six……. Start doing the things you love Do spread the love but start with yourself, and…

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The Good Vibe – Key To A New Way Of Living | Conscious Living

Living Buddha

Are we not almost always lost in our worlds so much so that we don’t realize what we actually want or how we actually feel? We all at some point in our lives have felt this way or are currently experiencing it. Its more like a drift that we are in, unable to change it or, don’t know exactly what to do if not this! How to find a new way of living? or say Conscious Living.. The Key Is Within You Be fully aware of your physical state Acknowledge…

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Holi Special Contest! Easiest Ever Contest To Win!


It’s going to be a colourful day on Holi, when you tend to forget every rule, every limitation and just be yourself. World seems a home and everyone your friend. All that you need to do is, come out of your home and get wet.. and coloured too. Indianhistorypics have sorted some nostalgic moments through these pics. Little more would have been a pleasure.   Amitabh Bachchan, Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor, back in 1970’s   Narender Modi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji   Indira Gandhi with Sanjay Gandhi Beatles…

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5 Pillars Of Healthy Lifestyle | Lifestyle Coach- Parwage Alam


The days are gone when women were simply bound to home and kitchen. Now a days women are leading in every field and managing their personal growth. On one hand, this is really a proud moment for all of us to see women leading everywhere, however; it’s also a matter of thinking that due to these extra roles many of them are becoming the victim of different health issues. As women are playing lots of roles at the same time like handling Career, Home, Kids, Parents, due to this their…

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