Beauty Tips Made Easier for Skin Tone

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Light skin or dark, it really doesn’t matter however a glowing skin is always welcomed and desired. Nature has a cure for everything and that is practised from ancient times successfully. Looking for something to lighten your skin or adding glow to the tone then homemade beauty products and home remedies would be best. Let us check out some to give a boost to our skin. Dull & Dark Skin A simple face mask for dull skin is made from easily available fruit, banana. Banana is a natural skin lightener,…

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Lip Fashion For Fall From Around The Globe


We’ve all been there, stuck in a style-rut. Routine gets the best of us and we find ourselves waking up for work each morning, applying the Same makeup products, in the Same order and wondering why we feel dull and drab. We want to switch up our look, but not in a complete makeover sort of way. And we certainly don’t want to break the bank in the process. What’s new for fall? For one thing, the colours are intense, subversive even. When it comes to lips, that’s not exactly a…

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Beauty At Ease For Working Women


A rough day or a butter flow one, Full of Meetings or the back-end planning; working women always dwell an innocent desire and basic need of few Make up Products. Actually, I wonder if these should be called make up products or bare essentials for a typical work day. Once you are outside your comfortable home, you can’t avoid facing all sorts of weather impacts and many more. Let’s get to know few basic beauty products to support you through entire work day. Graceful you and your Skin : Body…

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How Is It To Groom For Men?

Zayn Malik

Hello to the masculine society, festive season on its way. Going to gym, eating better and a grooming routine. Wait a minute a grooming routine? Well yeah…….because most of us react to our grooming needs rather than stay on top of them through steady maintenance. Social gathering are more intimate occasions. That’s true not just emotionally, but also physically. People stand closely, look at screen and paper and other distraction less, and in general have way more time and inclination to look at the details of your appearance than you’re…

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5 Weekend Hacks For Beauty


Where there is a weekend, there is Time 😉 If you are kind of a person who has a busy week and busier weekend, you must resolve to change it right at this moment. You got one beautiful soul inside this pretty beautiful body of yours. Mantra is that when you feel good, you behave better and to feel good you ought to take care of you. I guess this was enough preaching to convince you to take care of you and your body. So when the savior weekend comes,…

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Small Steps, Great Care For Your Feet in Monsoon


Taking care of your feet in monsoon becomes essentially important to beat the smell and dirt. This problem may not be seen to all but the bearer knows the pain. After the scorching heat, it feels good to walk bare feet on cool flooring but Beware! Rainy season is favourable for the bacterial growth and the bacteria on the floorings can even enter your body through soles. Make sure to follow these simple yet effective ways to care for your feet and pamper them.   1. Choose Appropriate Footwear  Not…

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10 Easiest Monsoon Makeup Tips

Let the rain kiss you, let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops, let the rain soak you with its clayey smell but don’t let it effect your skin and hair. Hello peeps is the downpour washing away your makeup ? Here are some tips to keep your makeup, skin and hair in care during monsoons. 1. Use ice image Wash and clean your face with the facewash which suits your skin type best. Rub your face with ice for  5-10 minutes to lower sweating rates. Women with…

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