Most Effortlessly Impressive Fashion Influencer


He is adorable, calm and understanding. He is fashion freak, social, some 11.6k social?! But hey, he is a darling and obedient too. Ya right. Being obedient brought him to the limelight and its just not stopping. You’ve been following fashion trends, latest check out and styles here and there. Ever thought to chase a dog for some styling tips? Well you can, for a change. Because this dog is no ordinary and will pose every trending wearable and fashion clothing right in front of the camera. It’s a dog,…

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What Is Organic Clothing And Why It’s Important? – Design Different


When a ray comes from within, no one can stop you from shining bright. Mamtaa Gupta, apparently born to flabbergast the fashion seekers with her aesthetic sense. Propagating design and art with her sole purpose, she becomes the ambassador of style. We are gifted with so much beauty around but most of times we fail to notice. So when nothing works to charm our senses, Art does. That’s what Mamtaa Gupta at Buzzaria does, flourishing Art in all forms. Mamtaa, a fashion designer, pours art literally on the ensembles that…

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Holi Special Contest! Easiest Ever Contest To Win!


It’s going to be a colourful day on Holi, when you tend to forget every rule, every limitation and just be yourself. World seems a home and everyone your friend. All that you need to do is, come out of your home and get wet.. and coloured too. Indianhistorypics have sorted some nostalgic moments through these pics. Little more would have been a pleasure.   Amitabh Bachchan, Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor, back in 1970’s   Narender Modi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji   Indira Gandhi with Sanjay Gandhi Beatles…

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Do You Dare To Take Your Fashion Sense To Tribal India

tribal fashion

India has been known to be rich in culture, heritage beyond the term sone ki chidiya or say golden sparrow. When you see the rich fashion that we have inherited, it won’t be less than jaw dropping. Some of them giving no sense and leave clueless as to how on earth one ever thought of launching it!!  Coming from the land of multitudinous culture and people, the culturally rich heritage leave us with fascinating costumes and intricately designed accessories. Modernisation touching them nowhere. Due to the presence of tribes, India…

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fashion week

Hello fashionista! Couldn’t make it to the 18th Edition of Gala Summer/Resort Lakme Fashion Week 2017? Don’t be sad we bring to you the latest updates from the Lakme Fashion Week 2017, Day 1 and Day 2. Lakme Fashion Week openend with an Indian element at full glory on 1 February at Relianc Jio Garden. It included various designers from different parts of  India, presenting a fusion of Khadi and a pallate full of earth colours. Day 2 was themed as Sustainable Fashion and Indian Textile. It was dedicated to…

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How Much Will You Pay For Your Favourite US Brands


Whether you’re the one who thought twice before buying a Chinese make ever or the one who loves wearing or using a US Label product, then this read is for you. Outsourcing is cost effective and most US products are made by outsourcing its manufacture or assemble, to Asian countries having China, Bangladesh on their list. That’s what all the consumers have accepted and benefitted too, being fairly priced with equally great quality standards. Most likely, this party may be over soon with President Trump’s not so benevolent ideology on…

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Wedding Is Trending With Fusion, 2017 Fashion Fad

Wedding Fashion

Wedding is an intrinsic affair pairing with a glitzing, an unsaid yet inseparable bond with newness. The usual and recurring ingress of the wedding bliss never drops the lofty dignity and charm year by year. The constant delight then has to be bestowed with unpaired style, glamour and grace. Weddings are special for the bride and for everyone else attending the wedding. Isn’t it? With the pool of contemporary, elegant, Indian and modern, allow me to unveil the trends taking over the traditional wedding attires, waiting to be tried on…

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Secrets to buying the Perfect, Branded Hoodie in Your Budget


Winters have knocked already and teenagers for sure can’t stay away from using Hoodies. Indeed, not just Teenagers. We all have to have at least a pair or two in our wardrobe. That’s our winter saviour, that’s our style statement, that’s our all time buddy. That’s just a Big C.. Cool & Comfortable. Buying a perfect hoodie however is a big factor in getting all the plusses of wearing a perfect one. So let us help you out what you need to know when you wish to buy a branded…

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Fossil watches, A Smartwatch for Anytime, Anywhere

fossil watches

What’s the new trend? This is echoing everywhere among the generation. When the talk is about the new age fashion, then today’s world has been witnessing an innovative era in the form of fusion. Gone are those days when a stereotype line was accredited by people. Importance is given more on comfort and an easy-going style. Watches have also taken entry into the world of glitter and beauty in a new form. There are many manufacturers that have been successful to meet the expectation of the fashion-craving minds. Among them,…

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Fashion Season of the Asian Designer Week 2016(ADW)

fashion Indonesia

Fashion is said to be a language with no limitations, no boundaries. Aptly witnessed the same at the Asian Designer Week 2016 held at Talkatora Stadium in a 2 day event. The 2 day event held at Talkatora Stadium hosted international designers from across Asia who displayed their work, which was not limited to fabrics and designs. Extravagant art work, Visionary collections were showcased with a futuristic view of the designers. The show was a fusion of ideas. A futuristic approach met the traditional art work done by Hardika Gulati,…

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