Where To Buy Best Of Plants | Time to Redesign


Green is the colour of prosperity, colour of positivity, and colour of life, that is what experts also say. We love to see plants around and it just fills a wave of happiness besides the oxygen. However being so called urban we have lost grip over roots and been disconnected from nature. In the times of nuclear families and insufficient time even for each other, who’s gonna research on plants and the benefits from them that nature has instilled for us. Government? Well, it’s not a comic writeup. You can…

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Beautify Your Home This Festive Season with DIY

DIY Lights

A long festive season means a long gaiety. We have Dussehra and Diwali in the same month. We’re all set with the shopping craze, getting lovely outfits ready, gifting lists and much more. Let’s get our homes get in festive mood too. Not just with a paint session but few cool ideas. The ideas that are DIY, extremely simple and will stun your visitors. A well decorated home is a sign of aesthetic taste and brings prosperity and joy to home. Besides Change is refreshing. So, try this out and bring…

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Simplest and Most Creative DIY For Your Homes

Pot Decoration

Hello reader…. Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being. So here are some amazing and cheapest DIY to help you nurture your room and make it attractive.   Upside Down Stool – Paper and Umbrella Holder    If you are looking for some creative storage solution then you are surely going to love it.   How to make: Take two pieces of fabric and sew right sides together on the sides…

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5 Important Vastu Tips for Your Apartment


We do a lot to bring peace in our homes and our cultures in India bless us with the beautiful science of Vastu, which is scientific and beautiful at the same time. Many people believe that vastu is not so necessary in high end buildings and its only important when dwellings are on ground. But fact is that, dwellings belong to ground only, no matter what the floor is, roots are in ground. Hence vastu is important for every home. Be noted that, among the five elements Earth is stationary…

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