What Is Organic Clothing And Why It’s Important? – Design Different


When a ray comes from within, no one can stop you from shining bright. Mamtaa Gupta, apparently born to flabbergast the fashion seekers with her aesthetic sense. Propagating design and art with her sole purpose, she becomes the ambassador of style. We are gifted with so much beauty around but most of times we fail to notice. So when nothing works to charm our senses, Art does. That’s what Mamtaa Gupta at Buzzaria does, flourishing Art in all forms. Mamtaa, a fashion designer, pours art literally on the ensembles that…

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Get Tango Fitness Trackers For INR 8 Only? Women’s Day Special


“The world is beautiful because of women.” There is no way it can be called an exaggeration. A woman cheers the world around in any role she performs. You can a lot metaphoric expression including tender, loving, affectionate, care for her. However what takes in accomplishing the very being of a woman, is a lot of energy, besides the compassion. To acknowledge that energy, that strength, Finnish company Tango has launched a campaign on this International Women’s Day, that fitness aware women will surely drool over. Under this campaign you…

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What Bourbon Has To Do With Your Whiskey?

party whiskey

Choosing between a whiskey and non whiskey drink may take a while to decide as of now. But if you decide to go for one, let us dive in some facts about this so called friendly drink. Mind it, too much of water is also bad. Healthy Buddy Red wine has been our party pal, no matter you liked the taste or adapted it, for it has plenty antioxidants. Researchers, however, have said that malt whiskey offers even greater health benefits. “Drinking single malt whiskey has more ellagic acid than…

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Fossil watches, A Smartwatch for Anytime, Anywhere

fossil watches

What’s the new trend? This is echoing everywhere among the generation. When the talk is about the new age fashion, then today’s world has been witnessing an innovative era in the form of fusion. Gone are those days when a stereotype line was accredited by people. Importance is given more on comfort and an easy-going style. Watches have also taken entry into the world of glitter and beauty in a new form. There are many manufacturers that have been successful to meet the expectation of the fashion-craving minds. Among them,…

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Hey Boss, Not the same Gift again this Diwali

Diwali Gifts

  We say NO to chocolates, sweets, nuts, dry fruits, pens and key chains as our gifts this Diwali. As yours truly beloved and valued employees .we wish you gift us something different this Diwali.Those giftlooking at which.our loyalties towards you should strengthen like Fevikwik.Quick and strong and forever..   How about this tealight holder My family can lit Diyas in them and every time we take a look at the sacred diyas spreading the light through these, we can boast of our company to our better halves.   Forget…

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How Is It To Groom For Men?

Zayn Malik

Hello to the masculine society, festive season on its way. Going to gym, eating better and a grooming routine. Wait a minute a grooming routine? Well yeah…….because most of us react to our grooming needs rather than stay on top of them through steady maintenance. Social gathering are more intimate occasions. That’s true not just emotionally, but also physically. People stand closely, look at screen and paper and other distraction less, and in general have way more time and inclination to look at the details of your appearance than you’re…

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How To Dress Fabulous at Work

Wear Clothes that make you happy but more importantly COMFORTABLE! Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury but pain. It’s better to remember always, it’s not about the dress you wear, it’s about the life you lead in the dress. Just because you have to dress for a corporate setting, it doesn’t mean you have to feel uncomfortable. Feeling restricted and miserable for hours in a dress isn’t the only way to have a good impression. Research has found that not only do our outfits impact our mental…

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Trending Fashion in the University Alley

ribbed jeans

Delhi University is very well known for its fashion five and dime. How you worried about your projects in high school, now the same shifts to how you look when in college. Curious to know whats trending new in the fashion market? Just have a walk around Delhi university and off you go! Bringing some latest trends emerging in Delhi university. Just Copy & Paste and Look gorgeous! THE OFF SHOULDERS Off shoulder is the new trend. This fits so well for your regular classes besides the official meeting or…

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Hookah Bars – Harbouring Harm Within the Charm


Hookah bars are found in every nook and corner of the city today. It attracts almost all the teenagers and youngsters to visit and puff out chains of smoke in a dark ambiance with vibrant music. It is believed that hookah smoking offers a different experience than smoking a cigarette and will trigger a sense of healthy and intellectual interaction among those smoking it. Can tobacco really be used safely in any form? What happens in a hookah bar? Can anyone just step into this lucrative space? This feature will…

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