Forget Bank Details For Online Transactions

UPI Transaction

Guys !! are you tired with your money transaction method?? Now no worry, NO MORE PAYMENT DELAY. UPI has born and came to kill those troublesome methods. Of course thanks a lot to UPI parents that is none other than our RBI governor Raghuramrajan and national payment corporations of India. Breathe out for this new technology and feel exhilarated. What is UPI?? UPI (UNIFIED PAYMENTS INTERFACE) system is nothing but everything in matter of Money. It simplifies all other existing transaction methods. You no more need account name, IFS code,…

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One Country, One Tax – We Are Finally GST-iians

Pass! Pass! Not entrance exam in IIT or UPSC….Its GST bill. GST bill passed and with that welcome 122nd amendment to our constitution. THE “BRAHMASTRA” IS READY FOR BOOSTING THE INDIAN GDP…. GOODS and SERVICE TAX bill, the most awaited reform is been implemented in 2016 effectively. GST bill will predominantly have two module keeping in mind the federal structure of India, the Central GST and State GST. Irrespective of GST bill’s on simplifying the indirect tax structure, GST also makes “One Nation One India” system by eradicating the geographical fragmentation…

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