Sindhu Smashes The Illusion


P V Sindhu smashes the illusion of “even this time NO GOLD for India” We all know about Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon”  but now its Sindhu’s “Dragon entering the Finals” Sindhu Pusalra of India becomes the hope of every Indians now and the first shuttler of India who has made it to enter the finals.. Sindhu will be the whistle blower among many who says India will win gold for sure and eventually she had stacked her silver medal but we all know she deserves gold. Her sheer hard…

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Insight Kashmir – Narcissus On Fire

kashmir 2

We know Kashmir as Paradise on Earth and everybody wants this paradise, but who is dying for the sake of this paradise. Hear the real voices of Kashmir, the children of Kashmir, the innocent future of Kashmir that is being crumpled between the terror and ordinance. DODH HA YEMBARZAL DODH HA YEMBARZAL –Narcissus on Fire   Wars destroy every thing. They destroy the capacity to live ‘normally’ of undestroyed, more so of those who can understand neither the reasons for it, nor the ways to deal with it — the children.…

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10 Most Interesting Answers by Arvind Kejriwal; TalkToAK

Arvind Kejriwal

Huge expectations had to be mounted with the Talk To AK session, with our hot CM Arvind Kejriwal. It reminded somehow Anil Kapoor’s casted Nayak, where one day CM Anil Kapoor, flashed a hotline for the city and had direct talks with public, listening to their problems, resolving the problems right away, then and there. Let’s see how Nayak this Talk To AK session has been able to. After quite a time taking speech few questions and concerns were taken up. We picked 10 of them that might interest you…

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Why We See Airtel Ads Everywhere


Recent times have been really bad and unpredictable for every service provider in telecom industry. Call drop and poor network has been something every user has faced. Blame the spectrum shortage and a lot of cell towers being taken down but the problem persists and still there. According to a survey airtel customers’ satisfaction level has been at par with any other service provider. However there was a time when Airtel was a premium service provider. Now why we see Airtel Ads everywhere? Why every other YouTube Video starts with…

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