3 Android Apps That Will Redefine Your Mobile


Hey guys, a smart phone is not as smart without smart apps on it. Check out few, tried by me and recommended by me. Choose your app & be smarter! MOBDRO Mobdro app, I would say, is a very cool Live TV App, unlike other live tv apps this app lets you watch all the tv shows and channels for free and you can watch channels across globe, be it Delhi, Russia or even Iraq. This app is very cleanly categorised in terms of channels, news, shows, movies, sports, music,…

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We used to hear “Don’t Litter” “Don’t Spit” “Don’t Jump Red Light” “Don’t use Polythene Bags” and blah blah but Who Cares? Then one commandment comes “Don’t use 500 & 1000 rupee notes” that leaves no choice. After all we’re kings & queens of our own dynasty. Who’re others to tell us what to do? But guys this one you have to listen to – Don’t make any more phone calls from your mobiles! Why? Tale of Technology Long back we used to make schedules, pack bags and find time…

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Apps To Add Fun To Your Loaded Days

Apps Life Juggle

Whether you are single or a couple; have children or just by yourself, managing a home and even your own self is a fulfilling and heart warming task.  Managing the intricacies of household chores like tracking expenses, making groceries lists, meal planning, to do lists and syncing with other family member’s schedules and deadlines….Phew….sometimes…it can become overwhelming and daunting. Relax! These apps will sort out your life and household chores as well.  PS: Start out using these as soon you start getting pocket money. Early Habits Die Hard 🙂 Cozi…

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Forget Bank Details For Online Transactions

UPI Transaction

Guys !! are you tired with your money transaction method?? Now no worry, NO MORE PAYMENT DELAY. UPI has born and came to kill those troublesome methods. Of course thanks a lot to UPI parents that is none other than our RBI governor Raghuramrajan and national payment corporations of India. Breathe out for this new technology and feel exhilarated. What is UPI?? UPI (UNIFIED PAYMENTS INTERFACE) system is nothing but everything in matter of Money. It simplifies all other existing transaction methods. You no more need account name, IFS code,…

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Weed Out The Traffic Problem For Ambulances


A Short News Excerpt According to a news report, an ambulance got stuck up in a jam outside CR Park police station due to some protesters. A similar incidence took place with Mr. Kumar. He narrates an incident from last week when an ambulance was stuck at a railway gate in Vizianagaram district for two hours. Worsened State In Delhi, congestion on roads doesn’t even clear path for ambulances. On the other hand, ambulance service providers don’t really make sure that the dispatched ambulance is in which area and to…

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Valet2You, A Mobile App to Keep You Moving

One Idea, One Night & Two friends turned Co-Founders!! That Night’s Story The story behind this emerging Valet2You App revolves around two friends and a million dollar idea. It is said, “When the world sleeps, destiny plans the next move to take!” And for what it’s worth, our young entrepreneur from Delhi, Rishabh Kapoor has experienced it first-hand.  It was one night when his friend Utsav Khaitan called him up casually discussing his recent trip to Mumbai and ended up telling Rishabh what a nightmare he had, waiting for his…

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