Get Tango Fitness Trackers For INR 8 Only? Women’s Day Special


“The world is beautiful because of women.” There is no way it can be called an exaggeration. A woman cheers the world around in any role she performs. You can a lot metaphoric expression including tender, loving, affectionate, care for her. However what takes in accomplishing the very being of a woman, is a lot of energy, besides the compassion. To acknowledge that energy, that strength, Finnish company Tango has launched a campaign on this International Women’s Day, that fitness aware women will surely drool over. Under this campaign you…

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We used to hear “Don’t Litter” “Don’t Spit” “Don’t Jump Red Light” “Don’t use Polythene Bags” and blah blah but Who Cares? Then one commandment comes “Don’t use 500 & 1000 rupee notes” that leaves no choice. After all we’re kings & queens of our own dynasty. Who’re others to tell us what to do? But guys this one you have to listen to – Don’t make any more phone calls from your mobiles! Why? Tale of Technology Long back we used to make schedules, pack bags and find time…

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All you need to know about the Best Fitness Trackers of 2016

Fitness Tracker

There is no scarcity of occasions to think of a gift for yourself or your loved ones. Yet with the upcoming festivities lasting till New Year and beyond let’s remind you how hard you have worked upon your health stealthily. Certainly you can’t be mean just to buy a gift without one, your fitness is going to thank you for. That too when Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal have poured the lucrative offers. One Question Before You Read Further Chose one of these to improve your fitness levels or lose that…

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What’s Yet Kept a Secret About Snapchat Sunglasses

Snapchat Spectacles

  Snapchat is a familiar word for the past 5 years one among the leading social media application by making it more popular in photo sharing that allows us to send pictures and videos. It is also a fun messaging app, when you take a picture or video with the app, you can add a caption or doodle or lens over top, and then send the byproduct to your buddy along with crazy messages. As snap chat self-destructs the photos and videos sent after a few seconds of a person…

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Is iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Worth Your Price?

iPhone 7

Its Apple season all over the world “Meet you at September 7” this was the message given by Apple last month to the country. As speculated, apple not only met on 7th but also met with 7, the iPhone. Wow!! iPhone 7 and 7 plus have been officially revealed in San Francisco. Many smart phone users got flabbergasted with its features driven out.   All the smart phone lovers, check out the iPhone 7 and 7 plus features ( and the iPhone lovers.. Just go blindfolded to grab the iPhone 7…

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Moto E3 Launched, See The Best Deal About It


    The lenovo is all set to get the nod from their technical team that they can expect their birth of next child by the end of September. Lenovo is familiar for their advancement in technologies apparently they named their child in advance before its birth as MOTO-E3. So what’s cool about this child MOTO-E3?? MOTO-E3 is expected to be a budget phone costing around 10000INR i.e. 145USD which can be afforded by every individual without any hassle. This third generation phone has been deliberately released to cheer their…

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