Wedding Hashtags By Real Couples


Whether you’re getting hitched in a small backyard affair or it is a huge extravaganza, you want people close to you to know about your wedding, intensively. And in today’s day and age, with all the digital optimization, it’s not even half as hard. What is prevalent in today’s domain of social media and we all know is popular is the best and correct usage of ‘Hashtags’. Here are a few to mention #KarAnnie [Karan & Annie] This is our gracious couple from Patiala. Truly madly deeply in love as…

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Want To Reduce Weight For A Wedding Approaching Soon?

Being a Fitness Trainer I meet all sorts of people with different expectations and goals for their body. There are people looking to get toned, few looking to gain muscle and a whole bunch of people looking to reduce weight. This is something I feel people really need to clear their mindset. Targeting to reduce weight can be achieved by many homely methods also, which goes without consultation or guidance. That’s where it can be a risky affair also. My Favourite Party Dress Doesn’t Fit Me Anymore. It’s an upcoming…

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