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Amavas Se Amaltas, a story of conversation around children in difficult circumstances, is an Hinglish play that you can catch this evening. Directed by Smita Bharti, creative Director, playwright, theatre and multi-media practitioner, its a story of voluntarily retired judge, Shikha (Jayati Bhatia), after diagnosis of Cervical cancer. Living with her daughter Sonali (Ankita Bhargava), a successful corporate lawyer and her autistic son, Jai (Ssumier Pasricha). Things take a hilarious and dramatic turn, when 16-year-old Khushi (Chitrashi Rawat), a sex worker and survivor of human trafficking lands up at their doorstep stumbling upon triggers that unleash the power of unspoken truths.


When: 30th April

Where: Stein Auditorium, IHC

Time: 4:30 & 7:30pm

Book Online: BookMyShow

Meet The Artists


Produced by Sakshi & Aganpakhee  and an Aartwo Entertainment presentation, the play  ‘Amavas Se Amaltas’ center-stages the conversation around children in difficult circumstances, creating a platform that invites a debate, a discussion, and a call for action around some of the most difficult and invisible causes that prevent these children on the margins from accessing their constitutional right to equality as an everyday practice.


Smita Bharti, a Creative Director, playwright, theatre and multi-media practitioner, translates her extensive experience as a social activist into performance art through theatre, Multimedia productions and films. She engages people in the art of storytelling and role playing that enable re scripting of personal narratives and arrive at action points that leads to sustainable peace building. She is a certified trainer for Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation from INTRAC Oxford UK, Conflict Management from Kurve Institute, Wustrow, Germany, Trainer of Trainers for Market Access for SMEs from Traidcraft, UK, and a Rotary World Peace Fellow.

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