One Country, One Tax – We Are Finally GST-iians

Pass! Pass! Not entrance exam in IIT or UPSC….Its GST bill. GST bill passed and with that welcome 122nd amendment to our constitution. THE “BRAHMASTRA” IS READY FOR BOOSTING THE INDIAN GDP…. GOODS and SERVICE TAX bill, the most awaited reform is been implemented in 2016 effectively. GST bill will predominantly have two module keeping in mind the federal structure of India, the Central GST and State GST. Irrespective of GST bill’s on simplifying the indirect tax structure, GST also makes “One Nation One India” system by eradicating the geographical fragmentation…

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Cool Tips on Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  Father’s Day is luckily arriving on Sunday, and you and your father got advantage over the tight pack schedule to spend some quality time together. Since childhood, less the time fathers spend with the kiddos more this time has to be quality time. But spending quality time and surprising with your wishlist is not just your father’s To Do. Show you love and care to your father with a gesture and let him feel worth all he does for you. Yes, all fathers are different and true its little…

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Amazing Monsoon Destinations You Are Missing Out On!

Matheran Maharashtra

  Monsoons come and the frogs and birds reign, just as the so busy people of never sleeping, never stopping cities come out of their den to look for some new destination full of peace, fresh air and some scenic beauty. So many people and the same popular destinations make it a festival kind and leave less scope for peace that they actually look for. Coming your way few less heard travel sites, perfect to be called monsoon destinations, with real beauty of nature and a few days of your…

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Happiness | An Upcoming Subject in School Curriculum?

Anubha Gupta

“Your Search for Happiness ends Here” book in search of happiness by Anubha Gupta, tarot consultant who framed her journey into this beautiful book of her, is all set with a question for you to find answer and unveil your happiness. Start flipping the book in a state where you are half happy and by the time you complete reading the book, your search for happiness ends. Book cover, very aptly demonstrates the same, how Anubha feels. For Anubha, Happiness is not just a smile, it’s a situation it’s a you…

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Perfect Way To Celebrate Valentine Day | Ishquiya with Akhil and so much More!!

Once in a lifetime it has happened to you when love overtook you. Indeed you celebrate love everyday and every moment but there’s one such day when you make it grand. Grand, like bigger than your first date, bigger than your anniversary! Valentine’s Day, a day when colours turn to red and pink and shapes turn to hearts. This valentine, is coming to glorify the feeling of love with the biggest love fiesta – Ishquiya. One of most awaited event on Valentine’s Day is expected to have a footfall of…

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Are You Also Compromising On Your Girl Child Health?

Have you ever noticed that you can always find a reason to put off ’till tomorrow what you can do today? Today is Girl Child Day and it is vital to know more about various nutrient facts , which a girl child should follow. Girls are especially needed extra care. This is very important when it comes to girl’s need extra nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. Eating habits are a major concern in today’s life. Children have a natural tendency to eat junk foods. However, by replacing it with healthy…

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A Complete Guide of Perfect Diet Plan for Autism

Diet for Autism

Children suffered with autism often have a lower level of antioxidants and detoxification enzymes and are thus more vulnerable to food chemicals like glutens and environmental toxins. Many studies have claimed that supplemental nutrients like vitamin, zinc, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids, are likely to provide moderate benefit to the autism patients. Intolerance and allergies to food and food-related activities can affect autism. Therefore, by Removing the potentially allergic foods like gluten, revealed mixed results on autistic children. Foods that contain salicylates, like oranges, almonds, apples, raspberries, grapes, cherries, strawberries,…

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Geet Govind, the musical making of epic love by Guru Sandhya Damle


The famous Bharatnatyam dancer Guru Sandhya Damle brings backs to you the 12 century famous epic, Geet Govinda. In a conversation with her, read the interesting making of the upcoming pious musical performance Geet Govind. Geet Govinda is written by Jayadeva Goswami  where he has tried to combine religious fervor with eroticism and romanticism. It belongs to the medieval Vashnavism and describes the love sports and pangs of separation of Radha and Krishna. This epic combines different shades of love with a philosophical touch. The epic shows not just the love…

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Most Effective Winter Food – A Bliss For Whole Year

winter food

With onset of winters, our body experiences a lot of changes in terms of our habits, eating preferences, body metabolism and food choices. During these months people prefer to stay indoors to keep themselves warm and protected from the cold weather. A sudden drop of temperature, low immunity is the reason our bodies have to work overtime to keep our internal temperatures up. What if we had some effective winter food to our rescue. Who wants to get succumb to diseases like Viral flu. Cough, wheezing, common cold, respiratory infections…

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Eco-Friendly Pencils by Inaayat, Living Room To Study


We live in a world where we have to use the resources to fulfill our needs. As we upgrade ourselves, we need more and diverse resources to cater the needs arising. Using the resources sometimes becomes an exploitation per se.  Taking an example of a very basic thing, pencil, as stated the number of trees that have fallen for producing something as little as pencils, has statistically deprived 50,000 people of oxygen per year. Project Inaayat, in collaboration with Enactus (Entrepreneurial Action for us all) has given an incredible product…

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For The Sake Of Love, Love Unwind

For the sake of love

For the sake of love, you do an extra bit. For the sake of love, you may be walking on a road less travelled. How far can you go, For the sake of love? Recent book by Anamika Mishra, ‘For the Sake of Love’ seemed an easy and light and lovy dovy read to me initially. To my utter surprise, this was not that easy. Book                    : For the Sake of Love Author               : Anamika…

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Christmas Ideas For An Introvert


Christmas is always all about happiness and happiness deserves to be celebrated. We tend to bifurcate kind of people into two typos: Introverts and Extroverts! Partying, Clubbing, Concerts, Feast, Fest these are all synonyms of finding happiness. But when it comes to an introvert, things are not quite same. Let’s make things easy for those introverts who are happy with themselves and feel more connected with self without being too social. Why should extroverts have all the fun? 😉   Netflix Netflix has been a life saver for all introverts…

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Clean Planet Is Not A Dream, If You Choose To Live It


Talk about Health and what comes first to your mind, is Healthy Food, Healthy n Fresh Vegetable or Fruits, Hygienic Home and a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle. There are many small things though, that you everyday take care of, for your  healthy habits and a happy you. As a matter of fact, we can hardly afford to forget about the products we choose to use. Hygienic Products rather! No matter how cautious you be with everything, if the environment you’re living in and the products that you use are not…

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