Geet Govind, the musical making of epic love by Guru Sandhya Damle


The famous Bharatnatyam dancer Guru Sandhya Damle brings backs to you the 12 century famous epic, Geet Govinda. In a conversation with her, read the interesting making of the upcoming pious musical performance Geet Govind. Geet Govinda is written by Jayadeva Goswami  where he has tried to combine religious fervor with eroticism and romanticism. It belongs to the medieval Vashnavism and describes the love sports and pangs of separation of Radha and Krishna. This epic combines different shades of love with a philosophical touch. The epic shows not just the love…

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Go Guilt Free with Kolhapuri Art at Pulpypapaya

pulpy art

When God created this world He chose to become an artist, picking all the vibrant colors, patterns, tastes, shapes and forms. Letting the imagination go wild, exploring the most beautiful choices, that was undoubtedly the finest creation in the first place. In no world can we separate beauty and fineness from an artist. Blessing us with the basic quality of encompassing the beauty in various ways we happened to learn and blend it with comfort, so as to please our eyes and feel it at the same time. How? Lets…

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Swanky Fashion The FGali Way


Scene 1 – I’ve seen many girls cribbing about the quality they are offered in their footwear. Like really, when it comes to fashion most of the footwear brands focus on good looks and trendy pairs. Why not? After all every girl wants something different from what her friends  have got. Yet the price they pay for their chosen pair of shoes is not always the tag price, it’s sometimes your comfort you get to compromise with those less comfortable pair or the ones bidding you goodbye too soon. Scene…

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An Art That Has Lived Among Us For Generations, We Didn’t Know!!

Music India

Did your heart beats feel the rhythm listening to this clip? These vibrant colors, the get up, the expressions, the art, seems all set to articulate a story or perhaps oozing out a culture rather! So who these people could be? Theater artists? performers? World is changing fast. New technology, innovations, high rise buildings & fast paced lifestyle.. despite all the changes taking us ahead, we haven’t stopped researching about our history including archaeological and mythological past. Why is that so? May be because we’re linked to our roots.. our…

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Storyteller Storyteller, where have you been? A Must Read.


How greatly deprived is the latest generation! Not because of less pure water. NO, not because of less greenery. Certainly not because of lack of space and opportunities. Let me take you back in the era of large families, joint families and even buildings having common veranda and neighborhood like a family. That was the time we all miss. Its just that those who have seen it miss it in their memories and those who haven’t, they miss it in their life. What is missing is certainly the love, care,…

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Weekend Planner

weekend red

Hello fuccahs ! Congratulations and welcome to Delhi university. First weekend with new friends after entering into college life …. Waiting for a fun and frolics weekend ? So here are some spine chilling events for you all ! 1. Madhurbani – Art gallery Madhubani as we all know is the famous art style of Bihar which were mainly done by upper caste women in Bihar and Nepal in ancient times . But nowadays madhubani art form has become a globalized art form and it has received both national and…

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