Crying Delhi – A Call To Action !!!


Once upon a time, we saw a revolutionary image, a man ready to give his life to bring change at a patriotic level. Delhi roads and grounds turned into freedom fighting battle grounds. There was a rush of adrenaline in each & every common man. At that point of time people would have been ready to even risk their own life become krantikari once again for the nation, for the good of people. This was a turning point in history after 1947. What happened then? Delhi got a true leader,…

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How This Auto-wala Is Better Than Many Of Us


This 15th August turned out throat slashing and a catastrophe for hundreds of birds besides few animals and even young innocent kids. While many of us were flying kites, celebrating Independence, all these who suffered and even lost lives were sheerly innocent. Government Needs Help It was shocking to read statement by Manish Sisodia, that Environment Secretary took seven days to clear a notification that kite flying will be permissible only using cotton thread and natural fibre free from any metallic or glass traces. Perhaps he missed noticing on news…

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A Special Weekend

purana quila

  A 5 minutes more sleep with the rolling weekend is okey, a five minutes more fun is cool and frolic with these fivers this weekend is so more welcomed.   1. Delhi 1948 with Delhi Karavan & Asif Khan Dehlvi Carrying love for Delhi or the Culture of Delhi, enjoy the mesmerizing stories of Delhi. Forgetting all the Rights and Wrongs indulge in the culture of baithak where Karavan has gathered all the stories of pain and struggle of the people of Delhi while all the way Delhi suffered…

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Storyteller Storyteller, where have you been? A Must Read.


How greatly deprived is the latest generation! Not because of less pure water. NO, not because of less greenery. Certainly not because of lack of space and opportunities. Let me take you back in the era of large families, joint families and even buildings having common veranda and neighborhood like a family. That was the time we all miss. Its just that those who have seen it miss it in their memories and those who haven’t, they miss it in their life. What is missing is certainly the love, care,…

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