What Happens If You Have To Quit Gym


Joining a gym takes dedication and concern towards one’s health and fitness. But it may take just one wrong information to stay away from your dream of staying fit. Many people, who come across, with a curiosity of joining gym have this fear. So it becomes most important to answer it first of all. When journey will begin, more solutions and more achievements will come your way. If I must discontinue gym, will I gain even more weight? So the answer is a Big No! There is no such outright…

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Want To Reduce Weight For A Wedding Approaching Soon?

Being a Fitness Trainer I meet all sorts of people with different expectations and goals for their body. There are people looking to get toned, few looking to gain muscle and a whole bunch of people looking to reduce weight. This is something I feel people really need to clear their mindset. Targeting to reduce weight can be achieved by many homely methods also, which goes without consultation or guidance. That’s where it can be a risky affair also. My Favourite Party Dress Doesn’t Fit Me Anymore. It’s an upcoming…

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How Many Days It Takes To Lose Weight Actually


After practising an entire decade of laziness and junk food, sun is rising to a healthy lifestyle. From catching up a brunch to quickly grabbing something healthy for breakfast is becoming a reality. Nothing really stops you when you really want to do something. Maintaining fitness is not just a dream but a need for all. However this is important to know that achieving a goal becomes easy and accurate with the help of a mentor. Lets talk about how to lose weight and how much time it takes to…

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5 Pillars Of Healthy Lifestyle | Lifestyle Coach- Parwage Alam


The days are gone when women were simply bound to home and kitchen. Now a days women are leading in every field and managing their personal growth. On one hand, this is really a proud moment for all of us to see women leading everywhere, however; it’s also a matter of thinking that due to these extra roles many of them are becoming the victim of different health issues. As women are playing lots of roles at the same time like handling Career, Home, Kids, Parents, due to this their…

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Not All The Protein You Eat Is What You Need

lean protein

Losing weight and staying healthy is on top of our health list most of the times. Protein is responsible for our good hair, nourished skin, strong bones, muscles, cartilage and blood. It helps to build & repair tissues and also makes enzymes and hormones. That’s a lot to tell how much we need the protein. However randomly picking protein diet is also not a good choice. There is a good protein called lean protein and other protein that contains fat as well. So best way to chose good protein is…

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Easy and Effective Tips To Burn Belly Fat

Bending side to side

  If you ever thought to try the latest fashion and flaunt your party wear, what stops most is the belly fat that’s not so good to be part of the show. There’s never a good time to procrastinate efforts reducing belly fat!! Your belly is most ignored region in the body having least natural movement. Henceforth needs few focussed exercises however in addition a guided food list can give you a flat tummy reducing belly fat with a magic touch. Follow the three easy and effective tips given below…

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All you need to know about the Best Fitness Trackers of 2016

Fitness Tracker

There is no scarcity of occasions to think of a gift for yourself or your loved ones. Yet with the upcoming festivities lasting till New Year and beyond let’s remind you how hard you have worked upon your health stealthily. Certainly you can’t be mean just to buy a gift without one, your fitness is going to thank you for. That too when Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal have poured the lucrative offers. One Question Before You Read Further Chose one of these to improve your fitness levels or lose that…

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