Sushma Swaraj Repeated Breaking All The Norms, Re-defining Rather!

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Building nation takes a lot to put in and for that we always look up to our leaders. That’s the beauty of democracy and purpose too. However, even after more than 60 years of being gifted with the breath of freedom and democracy we have been always striving to use our rights and get things done. Truly said, a leader accomplishes being so by taking right steps at right time. Sushma Swaraj, our Minster of External Affairs teaches really well how to run the nation and actually demonstrate democracy. Even…

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At The Martyr’s Grave – A Poem, A Salute To Soldiers

Amidst disagreements, mistrust, fear, angst, war or no war, no matter countries fight or divide, along with the need to answer the so called enemy, there is one person who gets to chose nothing but be available with all the dutifulness. His soul may be divided between emotions and the righteous but his being is all the time alert and available for the path he has chosen, for his country. The wonderful poem written by Jigar Trivedi, upcoming writer salutes the brave soldiers of the nation. Standing at the Martyr’s…

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Is India Ready To Respond To Uri Attack

URI Attack, Indian GDP

After a week of URI attack, is INDIA preparing to response? We INDIANS are intensively frustrated and disappointed with the despicable dastardly attack on the beloved soldiers of our country in Kashmir during last week. People all over the country are mourning for our 18 heroes who collapsed as a prey of the coward terrorist attack. We could also feel the overwhelming fuming response through social media for immediate revenge like start the war, surgical attack like last year Myanmar operation, stop the water to them from Sindh River, PM…

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Dulaar, A Dabur Amla Initiative Calling Mothers


Ayurveda is the ancient medical science deep rooted in Indian history and culture. It is literally to be said acquiring knowledge of life is the core of Ayurveda. Taking on the legacy of this rich science, Dabur has brought  quality of life to us for 132 years. That’s a number in calling but it takes extensive research, efforts and above all the dedication to serve best, and that is how it turns out to be one of the most trusted brands in its entire range of Dabur, Hajmola, Réal, Vatika and Fem.  The…

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