Crying Delhi – A Call To Action !!!


Once upon a time, we saw a revolutionary image, a man ready to give his life to bring change at a patriotic level. Delhi roads and grounds turned into freedom fighting battle grounds. There was a rush of adrenaline in each & every common man. At that point of time people would have been ready to even risk their own life become krantikari once again for the nation, for the good of people. This was a turning point in history after 1947. What happened then? Delhi got a true leader,…

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7 Monsoon Gardening Tips for Gorgeous Greens

monsoon garden

Do you like sight of greens? Bet you do. We see plenty tiny gardens in tiny balconies of the city as well. Even if you have a garden around, you owe this garden in your balcony which you tend to care like your baby or sometimes your buddy. Everyday you wake up to see your plants grow little more and look little more beautiful. However any garden will not look luscious and green simply by sowing seeds or planting stalks. They need enough care coupled with patient labor. Monsoons are…

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Small Steps, Great Care For Your Feet in Monsoon


Taking care of your feet in monsoon becomes essentially important to beat the smell and dirt. This problem may not be seen to all but the bearer knows the pain. After the scorching heat, it feels good to walk bare feet on cool flooring but Beware! Rainy season is favourable for the bacterial growth and the bacteria on the floorings can even enter your body through soles. Make sure to follow these simple yet effective ways to care for your feet and pamper them.   1. Choose Appropriate Footwear¬† Not…

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How to Generate Water at Home


Enjoy rains, clean the surroundings pouring litres of water to keep away that mud, washing our vehicles, using RO to get purest water; we believe, we know how to use water and where. But, what if we say we cumulatively let go the potential of generating water for a lot of activities in a day? If we don’t, that’s of course generating it. As the monsoon comes, need of using RO and AC becomes way higher. Knowing the fact that, a lot of bacteria breed in this season, we stop…

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Amazing Monsoon Destinations You Are Missing Out On!

Matheran Maharashtra

  Monsoons come and the frogs and birds reign, just as the so busy people of never sleeping, never stopping cities come out of their den to look for some new destination full of peace, fresh air and some scenic beauty. So many people and the same popular destinations make it a festival kind and leave less scope for peace that they actually look for. Coming your way few less heard travel sites, perfect to be called monsoon destinations, with real beauty of nature and a few days of your…

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