Rap Your Menu With These Amusing Numbers


The 90’s Indipop performer and first Indian Rapper Baba Sehgal had been part of every audio cassette collection back then. We hear old is gold and old songs have their own charm. That may not stand true to all numbers in same sense though listening to Baba’s few rap numbers makes it amusing at least for once. So may be this has been an epic rapper who lived every moment of his life doing rap. From dabba to katori or pani to puri it was all rap for Baba Sehgal.…

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Music Label That Unveils The Talent Hidden In You


For You To Be Great and For the Nation To Be Great, We Have To THING BIG!  Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Indeed when you wish to do big, you need to think beyond and have a greater vision. We have a system of living in the society which makes our lives easy in many ways. However the same society has always induced some or the other rules and set of liabilities. Hopefully having made for the good, these rules, pattern of relationships, expectations became so much a norm that individuality…

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What You Didn’t Know About These Extraordinary Singers

Rajiv Sundaresan

One of the most invigorating and needed reality show by Aamir Khan, Satyamev Jayate beckoned us to look around, think, feel and that even changed lives of many. While Aamir and his crew did an excellent job in driving the show forward, every episode stirred our souls and we were all ears when the theme song was played. There is something interesting about these singers and we have picked few of these enthralling voices. 1. Sona Mohapatra Lead singer and the executive producer of the musical project for Satyamev Jayate,…

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An Art That Has Lived Among Us For Generations, We Didn’t Know!!

Music India

Did your heart beats feel the rhythm listening to this clip? These vibrant colors, the get up, the expressions, the art, seems all set to articulate a story or perhaps oozing out a culture rather! So who these people could be? Theater artists? performers? World is changing fast. New technology, innovations, high rise buildings & fast paced lifestyle.. despite all the changes taking us ahead, we haven’t stopped researching about our history including archaeological and mythological past. Why is that so? May be because we’re linked to our roots.. our…

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Weekend Planner

weekend red

Hello fuccahs ! Congratulations and welcome to Delhi university. First weekend with new friends after entering into college life …. Waiting for a fun and frolics weekend ? So here are some spine chilling events for you all ! 1. Madhurbani – Art gallery Madhubani as we all know is the famous art style of Bihar which were mainly done by upper caste women in Bihar and Nepal in ancient times . But nowadays madhubani art form has become a globalized art form and it has received both national and…

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Happiness, Snapshots At a Quick Glance


Spending days with our daily chores, we easily forget to open little doors of happiness. Giving you little peek of your life when you decide to stay moving.   These Cautious steps of life these funky moments some carefree days A Lot thoughtful ones   Each day was a long one that ended up pretty soon I’s still left with much to do and there I see the moon   I cared to help each day struggled to be just right enjoyed so much the hard work made me sweat,…

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