Time To Eat, Food To Feed, Know It All For Toddlers


What do I feed my baby? That’s a major concern troubling every mother especially once breastfeeding calls for an end. On top it, getting the nutritious diet and developing a strong immune system for the toddlers demands a bigger thought. The needs of the body are never the same and during the early years one must offer appropriate portions of food that is loaded with recommended nutrients. In order to fulfill the extra demands of the body make a habit of giving three meals and two snacks for your little…

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Love is a wonderful feeling that is often difficult to explain. Right from the moment we open our eyes, we fall in love with our MOTHER, definitely the most amazing person in the life of any individual. She becomes our first teacher and will teach us the VALUES, which are pretty imperative for a positive living. Children raised by a strong mother will inherit few characteristics that make them complete. The Real meaning behind unconditional love: Every mother loves her children to the bits of their lives. She would make countless sacrifices,…

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How to Communicate Better?

Call for Communication Communication is the key to success. This calls for a need to choose words wisely. Words & Vibes build your sw-maan or say, Self Respect. Choosing wrong words may not always harm you in present and one may do things pretty well in future too but that could bear a less self esteem forever. ….And You Thought This Worked? When a child is not doing as expected, in spite of building pressure, try to take it away. This is just opposite to what we more often do.…

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What Made These Wonder Kids Achievers


The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. That little extra can be extra efforts and hard work or it can be simply be a God’s gift. Making a new history read some amazing childhood and the secret behind making them such extraordinary. A surgeon at 7 – Akrit Jaswal While most of us were playing with dolls and cars at age of 7 Mr. Akrit Jaswal performed a surgery for a young girl who belonged to a poor family . After this he gained international attention as…

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You May Pass PCOS to Your Daughter at Birth!


Millions of women around the world with PCOS go undiagnosed and this is the exact number of women who don’t know what PCOS is. Most of the women reading this article might not even know that they might pass this Genetic Disorder to their daughters. This is the reason why Igenomix is constantly trying to acquaint women, planning to start a family with the various genetic disorders that they might risk their children with and are also asking them to take tests that may help them know about these genetic…

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Right Way To Give Independence to Teenagers


  “Mama , I am leaving for college. Bye.” Sheetal just rushed out tying her jacket tight on her dress in summers. Her mother also rushed out to say bye but she had fast gone. On the way Sheetal took off her jacket, wore her danglers, applied make-up and sat on the bike of her boyfriend Vishal. Her father was suspicious, strict and alcoholic who never approved of her daughter going around with boys. So, Sheetal started hiding everything from her father though her mother understood. Nobody knows where is…

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