Love is a wonderful feeling that is often difficult to explain. Right from the moment we open our eyes, we fall in love with our MOTHER, definitely the most amazing person in the life of any individual. She becomes our first teacher and will teach us the VALUES, which are pretty imperative for a positive living. Children raised by a strong mother will inherit few characteristics that make them complete. The Real meaning behind unconditional love: Every mother loves her children to the bits of their lives. She would make countless sacrifices,…

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All marriages begin with great happiness, joy, and hope. When we say “I do”, we expect that our marriage will last forever. It doesn’t matter how grand the marriage was. What matters is what follows next. Am sure you will agree to the same! But alas as soon as the honeymoon period is over much rakes up. We are left wondering where did all the romance go? What about promises we made…Until death do us apart! Why are we fighting over petty stuff? Why all these misunderstandings! And much more follows sooner…

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Sex Is Sacred; It Is Life Force; A Creative Energy ^Many of Us Live a Lie… ^Many Manipulate with Sexual Seduction … ^Many Deny Each Other of Sexual Fulfillment / Physical Intimacy within Their Marriage… ^Many Exploit Sexually …Many Suppress Sexual Desire …Many Over-ride on Sexual High… In all cases above we are misusing SEX unconsciously! Sex has been highly misinterpreted, misunderstood as much as Love has been over hyped and Misguided Illusion! It’s time to Reflect and Understand Sex in the right perspective. How to Honour that Energy ?…

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Learn The Basics Of A Conscious Relationship


  A Conscious Revolutionary Relationship is an Evolving Journey Not a Destination…   Conscious Relationships Ensure Mental Emotional Physical & Spiritual Evolution when both the partners are Committed to the Choice of Loving against all odds. Conscious Relationships Do Not indulge in Blame Games but rather Take Responsibility for themselves. Conscious Relationships are Open to Shadow Work/Inner Work understanding we all have Baggages and Mood Swings as we age. Conscious Relationships Engage Empathetic Listening than choosing to Judge or Respond in Defense. Conscious Relationships Forgive as they are not bound…

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Learn How To Say NO Without Disappointing Others

Say No

Has your heart and mind struggled at voicing your Truth? (but then you found yourself to succumb to everyone’s or someone else’s point of view?) Have you been feeling powerless in your relationship? Undoubtedly Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and therefore think & feel differently. Sometimes we just loose ourselves in a relationship and soon we feel Void, Empty or Worthless, it happens to both men and women. And why so? Let’s go back to your childhood, where it all began! Where you lost the power…

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Why Relationship Healing is Need of the Hour


We see so much discontentment in relationship these days. So many people get together and then break up…or worse marry and then divorce. It has become almost impossible to be truly happy in a relationship. People are having so much difficulty finding and maintaining relationships. Why it is so hard these days? Committing to being in a relationship means the relationship comes first—it comes before being right. The hard part is to accept that life works best when we don’t try to control it. Understand Astrological Viewpoint Astrologically speaking, modern…

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Learn Coding Of Relationship – To Resolve Is To Evolve


The Sweetness Of Relationships Relationships are a very meaningful part of our lives which bring us a great deal of happiness and fulfillment. Without strong connections with our loved ones we cannot be at our healthiest and most productive self. However, fulfilling and supportive relationships don’t come automatically, and they require good emotional management, interpersonal skills, sexual fulfillment, co-operation in fast paced life. And a great deal of time and energy to make it last against all odds. Oddities With Same Sweet Relationships Sometimes meaningful connections break down, which can…

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Right Way To Give Independence to Teenagers


  “Mama , I am leaving for college. Bye.” Sheetal just rushed out tying her jacket tight on her dress in summers. Her mother also rushed out to say bye but she had fast gone. On the way Sheetal took off her jacket, wore her danglers, applied make-up and sat on the bike of her boyfriend Vishal. Her father was suspicious, strict and alcoholic who never approved of her daughter going around with boys. So, Sheetal started hiding everything from her father though her mother understood. Nobody knows where is…

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