What All A Good Product Needs?


Commonly we know that Good Work Speaks For Itself. Ya? so if that’s so true why do we need to market and manage it? Let it Speak, Let it Talk, Let it Shout loud. Let’s intrigue little further. GyanKosh Along the diverse platform we get these days to explore the opportunities and work on our conditions, whether to work in a large team or solo, hire someone to help us out or learn it by ourselves, is really our own choice. After all, We are the magical core, The premium…

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Way To Mastering Digital Skills

Digital Skills

  We live in the digital era, and being in the digital generation, we cannot deny the effect it has on our personal and professional life. Every coin has two sides, similarly, if heads help us to connect around the globe, so tails help the business to grow multifold by using digital marketing. Marketing in this age, is not restricted to the field only. It has increased its arena, which we call Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is itself vast and needs to be implemented in a planned manner with proper…

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4 Sales Skills For Success In Personal and Professional Life

Sales at School

  Selling is human. Selling involves the activity wherein you get the other person to exchange something for what you are offering. Selling skills are universal and without sales – civilization and human life is unable to thrive. Let’s understand through few real life situations: Situation 1: You had a school trip which you wanted to go but your mom or dad was adamant in not letting you go. What did you do to turn around the situation? Did you sulk, argue or storm out of the house or made…

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Acquire Skills, Not Degrees

The skills versus degrees dilemma  happens all over the world. People working in various fields may not always benefit from degrees in absence of skills. Clearly seen hard fact is that, degrees don’t guarantee skills. It is sad when a B.Sc. student don’t know how theoretical law of physics and chemistry is applied in real life. Their energy goes entirely in searching job after graduation. Now question is that, whether it is flaw of our educational institutions or lack of clarity and focus of students. Albert Einstein famously said, “I…

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