Beauty Tips Made Easier for Skin Tone

face mask beauty

Light skin or dark, it really doesn’t matter however a glowing skin is always welcomed and desired. Nature has a cure for everything and that is practised from ancient times successfully. Looking for something to lighten your skin or adding glow to the tone then homemade beauty products and home remedies would be best. Let us check out some to give a boost to our skin. Dull & Dark Skin A simple face mask for dull skin is made from easily available fruit, banana. Banana is a natural skin lightener,…

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Beauty At Ease For Working Women


A rough day or a butter flow one, Full of Meetings or the back-end planning; working women always dwell an innocent desire and basic need of few Make up Products. Actually, I wonder if these should be called make up products or bare essentials for a typical work day. Once you are outside your comfortable home, you can’t avoid facing all sorts of weather impacts and many more. Let’s get to know few basic beauty products to support you through entire work day. Graceful you and your Skin : Body…

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Five Food To Increase Focus and Boost Performance

Healthy Food

One, Two, Three…Here we present to you five food specially created by mother nature to soothe your jazzed nerves and sharpen your brains. Have these food just before the exam or the presentation and just watch them steadily calm you and boost your performance!! Not only for your nerves and brains…the other benefits are that these foods are also high in protein and natural fats which give you shiny hair, moisturised skin and help you beat the hunger pangs. Mmm….Start having them today!! 1) Almonds What makes them so lovely…

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5 Weekend Hacks For Beauty


Where there is a weekend, there is Time 😉 If you are kind of a person who has a busy week and busier weekend, you must resolve to change it right at this moment. You got one beautiful soul inside this pretty beautiful body of yours. Mantra is that when you feel good, you behave better and to feel good you ought to take care of you. I guess this was enough preaching to convince you to take care of you and your body. So when the savior weekend comes,…

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Amazing Benefits of Saffron : King of Spices

saffron benefits

Saffron, as we all know is commonly used as seasoning, mostly in sweets. Having religious values, this expensive spice has some amazing benefits for our inner and outer body as well. Not only women but men and even teenagers are so concerned about their skin. But saffron is not limited to that. There are enormous ways we can benefit making saffron part of our diet. Benefits: Anti Depressant. Bright strands of saffron have been used as anti depressant from long. Induces Energy in Body. Improves immunity Relieves Toothache, Bruises, Cramps, Asthma…

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